• Ukraine calls on the West to increase pressure on Russia to implement the Minsk Agreements

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is deeply concerned about the severe deterioration of the security situation in eastern Ukraine.

    “We appeal to our international partners to strengthen political and diplomatic pressure on the Kremlin to stop the dangerous escalation of tension in the Donbas,” reported the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The statement noted that Ukraine strictly adheres to its commitments; will continue to do everything possible to ensure that people …

  • Ukraine protests Medvedev's visit to Crimea

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed their objection to the presence of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the Crimea on 25 July as it was not officially approved by Kiev.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Crimea and Sevastopol was, is and will remain Ukrainian territory, that is why attempts by Russian officials “to refer to such ‘visits’ to Ukraine as domestic visits are meaningless.”

    “These regular visits by Russian officials to the Autonomous Republic …

  • Kerry: Progress is being made with Russia on Syria despite Defense Department's doubts

    US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Laos, said that progress is being made in pursuing closer cooperation between the two countries in Syria, the Washington Post reported.

    Kerry hopes that Washington and Moscow will share intelligence to coordinate attacks against extremist groups in Syria. The Secretary of State also seeks to persuade the Kremlin to convince the Syrian government to focus its attacks on groups such as the …

  • Zakharchenko is ready to meet with Savchenko

    One of the separatist leaders in the Donbas, Alexander Zakharchenko, declared that he is ready to meet with the Batkivshchyna party deputy in the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko. This was reported in the separatists’ official statement on Monday, July 25, 2016.

    “A meeting is possible. However, first I need to understand what we would discuss. This neutral meeting [could be a PR strategy by] Savchenko. I'm willing to hear suggestions for the agenda. If Savchenko offers to discuss specific and …

  • British General: Russia could declare war on NATO

    British General Richard Shirreff, who previously held the post of NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, has presented a report to the analytical center of the Atlantic Council entitled “Arming for Deterrence (the armament in order to contain)”. In the report, he expressed his opinion that Russian authorities are ready for the “lightning” capture of Eastern Europe, which would result in devastating conflict on a global scale. This was reported by British newspaper, Express.

    Quoting …

  • 600 foreign merchant ships have docked in the Crimea in the last two years

    Over the last two years, 602 foreign ships that had visited the annexed Crimea were added to Ukraine’s “black list”. This number was provided by journalists of the “Schemes” TV program through a special journalistic investigation titled “Crimean corsairs”.

    The journalists were able to determine that most of these vessels had a Russian registration or a Russian flag. However, European ships were also trading with the Crimea.

    These journalists reported that over the last two years, 24 ships …

  • Herashchenko: Separatists threaten Ukrainian detainees with up to 30 years imprisonment

    Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas region transferred the Ukrainian hostages to jail and threatened them with up to 30 years of imprisonment, as written on Facebook by the President's Humanitarian Envoy at the Minsk peace talks regarding the War in Donbas, Iryna Herashchenko.

    "The prisoners are still in jail, even in the worst conditions, because they were transferred to a pre-trial detention center and threatened with up to a 30-year imprisonment," Herashchenko said.

    "In April, when the …

  • Special Presidential Envoy: The US will not include Russia in the coalition against ISIS

    The Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, Brett H. McGurk, denied the possibility that the Russian Federation would be included in the coalition, Sky News Arabia news agency reported.

    "Washington doesn't trust Moscow, which supports the Syrian government, both materially and in military fields," the agency reported, quoting President Obama’s representative.

    According to McGurk, Russia and the United States coordinate actions in carrying out strikes against the …

  • Latvia detects another Russian Navy ship near its border

    On the 24th of July, Latvian soldiers spotted another Russian warship near the border, the Bira supply ship of the Russian Armed Forces, Delfi reported.

    “The Bira supply ship of the Russian Armed Forces was identified in the Latvian exclusive economic zone, 12 nautical miles from the territorial waters of the National Armed Forces of Latvia” the statement said.

    According to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, Russian military aircraft and ships approached the borders of the Republic more than 2 …

  • Bulgaria accuses Russia of repeatedly violating its airspace

    The Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, Nikolay Nenchev, stated that Bulgarian airspace has been increasingly violated by Russian aircraft—actions that can be interpreted as provocation against Bulgaria and its Air Force, Reuters reported. According to Nenchev, four cases of flights of military aircraft and six cases of flights of passenger liners through Bulgarian airspace were recorded in June.

    Nenchev claims that Russian aircraft entering Bulgarian airspace switch off their transponders— …