• First unmanned KrAZ Spartan armored vehicle tested in Ukraine

    The first armored vehicle equipped with autopilot has been tested and is ready to join the ranks of the Ukrainian military equipment, reported the press-service of the manufacturer, Ukrainian factory KrAz.

    The first Ukrainian unmanned vehicle was created from the KrAZ Spartan armored vehicle and equipped with autopilot. The autopilot sensors include thermal imaging with automatic targeting systems, all-sky camera, front and rear radar for detecting obstacles, a rangefinder and a capacitive …

  • Ukrainian state-owned Pivdenmash is developing analogue to Russian Iskander missile system

    Ukraine is developing a Grom-2 (Thunder) system which will be “a close analogue” to the Russian Iskander. This was reported by the LIGA.News Ukrainian agency.

    “This system,in fact, is a close analogue to the Russian Iskander. It is being created through the efforts of the state-owned enterprise Pivdenmash,” the news agency said.

    The initially planned maximum firing range was 300 km, with the possibility of extending it to 500 km. However, currently th system is being designed with the ability …

  • 60% of employees of Ukraine's tax service will be laid off

    The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oleksandr Danylyuk said that 60-70% of the employees of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine will be laid off. He made this statement during his speech on Friday at the Kennan Institute in Washington. In his opinion, this is an example set by his agency for the whole country, which "needs the renewal of the entire apparatus of the state civil service."

    "One example is the State Fiscal Service,'' Danylyuk said. ''There, I believe 60-70% of people will have to …

  • German Bundestag confirmed intention to impose sanctions against Russia because of Syria

    The Chairman of the Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Norbert Röttgen, stated that Russia must be held accountable for military crimes in Syria and confirmed the possibility of sanctions against Moscow, as reported by Suddeutsche Zeitung.

    "The absence of sanctions for horrible military crimes would be scandalous,” he said. Röttgen also stressed that the new sanctions will have an impact on Russian policy, although it might not happen immediately. He also criticized other European …

  • Ukrainian PACE delegation will pursue demarche if Russia is allowed back in

    According to the Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, Volodymyr Ariev, if Russia is allowed back into the Parliamentary Assembly without restrictions, the majority of the Ukrainian delegation will pursue a demarche, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported.

    "And we can be not the only one who will make a démarche. There are some quite well-known politicians, who told us they do not want to remain in the Assembly under such conditions," Ariev said.

    He noted that the PACE leadership in general …

  • Russian MFA: US accusations about Russian war crimes in Syria are propaganda

    During an interview with TV Dozhd, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement about Russian war crimes in Syria, calling it propaganda.

    According to her, “there are very serious legal consequences” behind the terminology in his words.

    “And I think Kerry is using all these terms to escalate the situation. If it comes to war crimes, US officials must begin with Iraq. And then continue with Libya. Be sure to mention Yemen, to …

  • US and Finland sign cooperation agreement on defense development

    Finland and the United States have signed a declaration to cooperate in the field of defense development, Yle reported.

    The document notes that the defense cooperation between Finland and the United States is one of the main factors of stability in the Baltic Sea region and in northern Europe.

    “The US presence in the Baltic Sea region contributes to stability in the region,” the document stated.

    According to the declaration, Finland and the United States will increase the number of joint …

  • Latvia reported a Russian Su-24 bomber near its borders

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia once again reported the presence of a Russian military aircraft near its borders.

    “On October 7, air patrol fighters registered an Su-24 aircraft belonging to the armed forces of the Russian Federation over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea not far from the Latvian border,” the statement read.

    Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West, the instances of Russian warships and aircraft …

  • Russia deployed Iskander missile system to Kaliningrad

    Under the guise of logistics training, the Russian Baltic Fleet is redeploying the Iskander operational-tactical missile system to the Kaliningrad region.

    This was reported by Estonian portal ERR.ee with reference to an informed source.

    According to the news agency, for transportation they used the Ambal road-rail ferry, which is now advancing in the Baltic Sea and is supposed to arrive in Kaliningrad on Friday.

    Yesterday’s violations of the Estonian and Finnish airspaces by Russian fighters …

  • Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: US cyber attack accusations are 'anti-Russian hysteria'

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said Washington is attempting to fan "unprecedented anti-Russian hysteria” with its accusations that Moscow is responsible for cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations, Reuters reported.

    "This whipping up of emotions regarding 'Russian hackers' is used in the U.S. election campaign, and the current U.S. administration, taking part in this fight, is not averse to using dirty tricks," Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Saturday.

    "There is no …