• Ukrainian Armed Forces: The number of attacks by separatists has doubled

    The headquarters of Ukrainian military operations in the Donbas reported that on April 23rd, Russian-backed separatists fired at Ukrainian military positions more than 41 times. This is more than double the number of attacks by separatists on April 22nd, when there were only 19 recorded.

    "The most active was the Donetsk area where the gunmen fired towards Avdiivka using 82 mm and 120 mm caliber mortars. Kremlin supporters also ignored the ceasefire in areas near the Ukrainian positions in …

  • Seperatist leader: An armed OSCE mission in the Donbas will be considered military aggression against us

    The leaders of the so-called People's Donetsk Republic (DPR) stated that any armed OSCE mission in eastern Ukraine will be viewed as military aggression against the self-declared republic.

    This position was stated by the leader of the so-called DPR, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, at a media briefing. It was later published by separatist media sources.

    "If they dare to show up here armed, I will consider it to be a military invasion. They only have a mandate to be a monitory mission," he stated. …

  • US sends fifth generation fighter to Romania for Black Sea exercises

    The US Air Force has sent F-22 Raptors from the UK to Romania to participate in exercises in the Black Sea region, Reuters reported.

    Two of the 5th generation stealth fighters and one KC-135 tanker were sent to the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airbase in Romania in order to participate in exercises to support the eastern NATO member states.

    Earlier, the US European Command (EUCOM) reported that the US Air Force had transferred the F-22s to the UK for exercises.

    The US first deployed the multi-purpose …

  • OSCE to consider creating monitoring mission in Crimea

    The question of creating an OSCE monitoring mission in the Crimea will be discussed when the Organization’s Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatović, visits Ukraine, Krym.Realii reported.

    According to the First Secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJU), Sergey Tomilenko, the issue was discussed at the congress of the European Federation of Journalists in Sarajevo.

    “Dunja Mijatović will soon visit Ukraine and the mission in the Crimea will be a key issue in the …

  • General Electric ready to work with Ukrainian Railways

    The American corporation General Electric is ready to offer the Ukrainian state railway company, Ukrzaliznytsia, new rolling stock and upgrades for existing stock. LIGA.net reports that the new opportunity was announced by the head of GE in Russia and CIS, Gokhan Bayhan.

    "We offer Ukrzaliznytsia new rolling stock and upgrades to existing ones. We are ready to provide our most advanced technologies," Bayhan stressed. The representative of the U.S. corporation also noted that General Electric is …

  • Financial Ombudsman: Moody's 'junk' rating for Russia is reasonable

    The financial ombudsman of the Russian Federation, Pavel Medvedev, has declared that he doesn't see prospects for growth of the Russian economy any time soon. In his opinion, the "junk" rating assigned by Moody's agency is not politicized and therefore is quite reasonable.

    Medvedev explained his position in an interview with the Govorit Moskva radio station.

    "It is considered that their ratings are politicized, but it seems to me that this opinion isn't very reasonable. The matter is that …

  • Russia allegedly opens investigation into Igor Strelkov

    According to Igor Strelkov (a.k.a. Igor Girkin), two people, claiming to be representatives of the Russian police, came to his mother's home and inquired about him.

    "Is there a limit to human idiocy? Today [April 22] two 'policemen' came to my mother and stated that I killed 2 people in Saint Petersburg and that a police report was filed against me. They made my mother sign a document stating that she hadn't seen me" he wrote on his VKontakte page (Russian social network).

    Strelkov said that …

  • Media: The US expects Germany to take a leading role in strengthening NATO’s eastern border

    The German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that the US expects greater participation from Germany in deterring Russian aggression in Europe. Washington insists that the Bundeswehr actively participate in the planned deployment of rotating NATO units on the eastern borders of the Alliance.

    The US expects Germany and the UK to deploy soldiers and military equipment to the Baltic States, Poland, and Romania, US President Barack Obama reportedly told the US National Security Council.

    Obama plans …

  • Kiev issues note of protest to Berlin over German politicians’ visit to Crimea

    The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnik, wrote on Twitter that Ukraine sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany protesting the visit of the Chairman of the youth wing of the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany party, Marcus Frohnmayer, and Alternative for Germany Member of the European Parliament, Marcus Pretzell.

    “We sent note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany because of illegal visit of German politicians to Crimea,” Melnik wrote.

    “The …

  • Kerry: US proposes creating two separate zones of operations in Syria with Russia

    In an interview with the New York Times, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that it is important to establish two zones of “eligible military operations” in Syria to fight against terrorists and to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire.

    Kerry noted that the US is most concerned about the situation in the north of Syria where Kurds, moderate opposition forces, Syrian government forces, the al-Nusra Front, and the so-called Islamic State are all active.

    According to Kerry, military …