Muzhenko : 50 new generals have appeared in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the start of the war

Since the beginning of hostilities on the eastern territory of Ukraine, 50 people in the Armed Forces have been promoted to the rank of General, the head of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

"Since 2014, we have been awarded 50 generalships. Almost all of them are officers who already had combat experience," he said. According to Muzhenko, today, the main condition for promotion, especially appointment to the main command posts, is combat experience obtained since 2014.

The Chief of the General Staff also noted that since the start of the fighting, "the commanders of battalions and brigades have already been changed more than twice in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

"Those, who were brigade commanders in 2014, are now commanders of the military districts, some of whom are already at the posts of deputy commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," he explained.
Muzhenko also said that a quarter of the graduates of higher military educational institutions this year knowingly linked their future with the army after the beginning of hostilities.

Earlier, it was reported that the newest Oplot tanks and the Stugna and Corsar antitank systems produced by Ukraine will increase the defense capability of the Armed Forces before the end of 2018.

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