• The Massandra Vineyard in Crimea is being sold off by Russia

    The famous Massandra winery in the Crimea is being sold off by the Russian authorities in the framework of the privatization of occupied lands on the Peninsula, Shipilov.com reported.

    Recently, a company from Moscow, Elias, purchased 36 hectares (89 acres) of the former Massandra vineyard near Gurzuf.

    Only three companies, Elias, Nizhnevolzhskstroyservise, and MKL plus were admitted to the auction, which is a formal part of the privatization process.

    Little is known about the owner of Elias, …

  • Breedlove calls to return U-2 spy plane to Europe to conduct surveillance on Russia

    The Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe, Philip Breedlove, urged to return the reconnaissance aircraft U-2 to the European Union, which was actively used during the Cold War.

    According to the General, they are required to conduct surveillance on the "resurgent and aggressive Russia", reports The Independent.

    Breedlove thinks that the U-2 reconnaissance planes, which are one of the "additional intelligence means", will be able to effectively confront "the growing threat from Moscow" after …

  • Russian aircraft violates Estonian airspace

    The General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces reported that a Russian military aircraft has once again violated Estonian airspace.

    According to the Estonian military, a Russian An-26 transport aircraft crossed into Estonian airspace near the island of Vaindloo in the Gulf of Finland at 10:29 am local time on Monday, as reported by Rosbalt.

    The Estonian Foreign Minister handed the Russian Embassy in Tallinn a note of protest.

    The General Staff stated that the aircraft’s transponder was …

  • Zakharova: Russia is not subject to the Minsk Agreements, so it is not obligated to release Savchenko

    The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that Russia is not a party to the Minsk Agreements, and therefore it does not understand the claims concerning the case of the Ukrainian Nadiya Savchenko, as stated by the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    "Russia is not a party to the Minsk Agreements. These agreements only concern two sides that are part of the conflict," she said.

    "We have the responsibility to influence the parties of the conflict exactly the same way as France or …

  • Montenegro to deport more than 50 Russian citizens

    Montenegrin radio station Antena M reported on the 26th of March that the police detained 60 foreigners, including 55 citizens of Russia, during a special operation. All detainees are suspected of involvement in criminal activity. According to Antena M, the arrests took place at Hotel Perjanik, in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica.

    Fifty-five citizens of Russia and five citizens of Japan were detained during the operation. They are believed to be involved in “international organized crime”. …