• Ukrainian Media Trade Union condemns blocking of news site in Crimea

    The Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine has condemned the blocking of the Krym.Realii website on the territory of Russia and the annexed Crimea. The news portal, which is part of the Radio Free Europe program and funded by the US Congress, was reportedly blocked in Russia and the Crimea earlier this week.

    Russian Crimean Prosecutor General Natalia Poklonskaya confirmed that the website had been blocked. She had previously stated that she was preparing the materials to make the news source …

  • European Parliament calls for sanctions against those responsible for the ban of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis

    On Thursday, the EU website stated that the European Parliament approved the resolution that calls on the European Union to impose sanctions against people involved in banning the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars.The text of the resolution noted that the European Parliament expresses its commitment to the policy of non-recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea and sanctions imposed after it. The Parliament calls on expanding the list of people against whom EU sanctions will be imposed for …

  • Latvia records presence of Russian warship and aircraft near its border

    On May 12th, the Armed Forces of Latvia recorded a Russian warship and eight Russian aircraft in its exclusive economic zone.

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia reported this via Twitter.

    "The Russian warship Zhigulevsk was noticed at a distance of 4 nautical miles from Latvian state border in the exclusive economic zone," the post stated.

    In addition, according to the Armed Forces, NATO fighters that patrol the skies over the Baltic Sea accompanied eight Russian aircraft: two Su-24, four …

  • Belarus does not recognize debt to Gazprom

    Interfax reported that the Head of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus, Vladimir Potupchik, told journalists in Mogilev before the Foreign Affairs Council meeting of the Union State that Belarus does not recognize its debt to Russia for natural gas supplied to the Republic.

    “There is no debt. Belarus pays in accordance with the intergovernmental agreements. There in court we will deal with this issue,” Potupchik said.

    He noted that Russia and Belarus interpret gas agreements differently. “ …

  • British fighters intercept Russia military aircraft over the Baltic

    British fighters intercepted three Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea on Thursday. The British jets, which began performing airspace patrols over the Baltic three weeks ago, flew out of the Estonian Ämari airbase.

    This was stated on the website the UK’s Ministry of Defense.

    Three aircraft – AN-26, AN-12 and IL-76 - were intercepted because they were flying with their transponders switched off, and did not respond to the attempts of the British pilots to contact them.

    "This is …