• Media: Russia may deploy nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad by 2019

    Russia may deploy additional nuclear-capable missiles to its Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad by 2019 in response to the US’s missile shield in Eastern Europe, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the Russian military.

    The sources also noted that such missile installations may be put in the Crimea as well.

    According to Mikhail Barabanov, a senior research fellow at the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), which advises the Russian Ministry of Defense, said …

  • Chisinau demands that the Russian Army stop recruiting Moldovan citizens

    According to Moldavia’s Publika News, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova has sent a note to the Russian Federation with a demand to stop the illegal recruitment of Moldovan citizens.

    "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova has sent a note to the Russian Embassy in Moldova, in which it requires the Russian Federation to stop the illegal recruitment of young people into the Russian army on the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” the statement said.

    The …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia is preparing for a possible war with Europe

    Russia continues to build up forces on its western and south-western borders. The spokesman of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky said on Espresso TV live that the Russian Federation is preparing for a possible war with Europe.

    Skibitsky announced that Canadian experts are of the opinion that Russian actions in Ukraine and the Baltic countries are a show of force and that Russia has a desire to defend its interests, most likely through …

  • State Duma proposes law to fine messenger services that refuse to provide decryption information to the FSB

    The State Duma suggested penalizing developers of instant messengers who refuse to surrender keys to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) that would allow them to decode messages. The corresponding amendment was added to the anti-terrorism package of laws developed by the Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption, Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, TASS reports.

    MPs want to oblige the creators of IM clients to provide the competent authorities with the …

  • US Army in Europe Commander: NATO will be unable to defend Baltics if Russia attacks

    The Commander of the United States Army Europe, Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin Hodges, believes that NATO will not be able to protect the Baltic States if Russia attacks them.

    “Russia could invade the Baltic States faster than we could come there to defend them," the Lieutenant General said in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit, published on June 22.

    Hodges said that he agrees with the estimate of military analysts that the Russian troops could capture the capital cities of …