Klimkin: Turkey's Response to Airspace Violations is in Accordance with International Law

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, criticized the violation of Turkish airspace by Russian airplanes. “The situation is clear. Turkey, as a member of NATO, has never intended to violate Russian airspace. On the contrary, Russian aircrafts have violated Turkish borders. Then, who is it that is threatening whom,” said the Ukrainian Minister during an interview with a reporter from the Anadolu Agency.

Klimkin noted that the same situation relates to Ukraine, which carries out reforms in accordance with NATO standards. Commenting on the integration of Ukraine into NATO, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reiterated the situation where a Russian frontline bomber was shot down in Turkish airspace by a Turkish fighter plane.

“Following repeated warnings, Turkey acted in accordance with the norms of international law. The response to such a situation should be exactly that. We should respect international law,” Klimkin noted.

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