Fake Syrian passport costs 750 Euro

A Dutch journalist based in Syria has managed to get a forged Syrian passport and ID card with a photograph of prime minister Mark Rutte on it.

It cost Harald Doornbos only some €750 for the passport, which he was able to pick up from the forgers within 40 hours. The forger told Doornbos that he would be able to enter Cyprus with the passport. The aim of the exercise, according to Doornbos, had not been to buy a forged passport featuring Rutte, but he had been asked to supply a name and photograph, so he opted for the prime minister. ‘If we are able to buy a good quality forged Syrian passport, so can Syria fighters… and jihadis,’ Doornbos said. ‘Then it is relatively simple for them to enter the European Union unnoticed and commit terrorist attacks.’

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