Belarus plans to buy Russian Su-30SM fighter jets

Belarussian Minister of Defense Andrei Ravkov said that Belarus plans to purchase several Su-30SM fighter jets from Russia, reports Interfax.

"The contract is concluded, and it is confirmed. I know that these four aircraft are manufactured now, and are almost ready, so if President Lukashenko makes a decision, they will be purchased in the prescribed manner," he said.

The Minister noted that there are no specific delivery dates. "The contract was made on suspensive terms, linked to the availability of funding. As soon as the decision is made on financing, they will be purchased," Ravkov stressed.

In the summer of 2017, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported that Belarus signed a contract for the purchase of a batch of Su-30SM fighters from Russia to upgrade its combat aircraft fleet. The original plan was to buy 12 aircraft. The contract price was not specified. In early 2019, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that Belarusian armed forces will receive the first batch of Su-30SM fighters this year.

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