• Shoygu reports full capture of Luhansk region to Putin, Ukraine denies his claims

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Russian troops had completely captured the territory of the Luhansk region. Shoigu claims that the Russian military, together with the military of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, established full control over the city of Lysychansk and neighboring settlements - Bilohorivka, Novodruzhesk, Maloryazantseve and Bila Hora. 

    According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine …

  • Civilian death toll from Russia's strike on Odesa region rises to 20

    The death toll from Russia’s overnight strikes on Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, about 50 miles southwest of the Black Sea port city of Odesa, has risen to twenty, according to Ukrainian officials. Dozens of others were injured in the strikes.

    One of the missiles hit a nine-story residential tower, killing 16 and injuring at least 37, according to Ukraine’s state emergency service. Another missile hit a recreational center, killing four more, including one child.

    “We don't expect to find anyone alive, …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces do not intend to withdraw from Lysychansk

    Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not plan to leave Lysychansk, said on Thursday, June 30, Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Brigadier Okeksiy Gromov.

    "At this time, there are no plans for withdrawal of the units that defend Lysychansk. Defensive operations of the city continue. In the morning, the enemy also began attacks on our defenders from different directions. Our troops are carrying out their tasks. The battle …

  • Russia withdraws troops and weapons from Snake island, calls it a 'goodwill gesture'

    Ukraine struck Zmiinyi Island (Snake Island) in the Black Sea at night causing Russia to evacuate the remaining military and probably to completely leave the island, reported the Ukrainian Operational Command South.

    "During the night, as a result of another successful military operation including strikes by our missile and artillery units on Snake Island, the enemy hastily evacuated the remaining part of the garrison by two high-speed boats and probably completely left the island. Snake Island …

  • Norway to donate three multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine

    Norwegian Prime Minister Gahr Store told journalists at the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday that his country will donate three multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine. Norway will supply the three systems to the United Kingdom, which will send three of its own systems to Ukraine.

    “Norway continues to do what it started back in February - to help Ukraine. In cooperation with the UK, the kingdom will provide Ukraine with access to long-range artillery rocket systems,” Store stated.

    Norway …