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  • Belbek airfield in Russian-occupied Crimea comes under Ukrainian missile attack

    Explosions were heard during the night of May 15 near the Belbek airfield close to Sevastopol in the annexed Crimea, reports the Telegram channel Crimean Wind.

    "It was a loud night in the area around the Belbek airfield under Sevastopol," the news outlet writes.

    Specifically, the first wave of explosions began around 01:55, with further signs that Russian air defense systems were operational, with a series of quieter blasts suggesting ammunition detonation occurring 15 minutes later. The …

  • Vovchansk nearly destroyed amid relentless Russian shelling, evacuation underway

    The city of Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region has been almost entirely destroyed due to relentless shelling by the Russian Armed Forces, said Tamaz Gambarashvili, the head of Vovchansk's military-civil administration, during a news broadcast.

    "The situation today is just as severe and critical as it was yesterday and the day before. This is because the enemy is constantly bombarding the city. The city is almost destroyed. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are defending our city, which is fully under …

  • Ukrainian missile strike on Russian military base in Crimea leaves commander dead

    Early in the morning, around 6 AM, several missiles, believed to be Storm Shadow, targeted the Russian military unit 85683 located on Mount Ai-Petri in Crimea. The attack was reported by the Telegram channel ASTRA, citing sources in the emergency services of the annexed peninsula.

    There is a "secret" air defense base of the 3rd Radio-Technical Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces situated on the mountain. As a result of the missile strike, damage was inflicted on the military unit's territory, …

  • Russian offensive in Kharkiv region: six villages captured as Volchansk situation deteriorates

    On the morning of May 10, the Russian army began a limited assault in the north of Kharkiv region. As of May 12, according to DeepState, the Russians have occupied the following six settlements: Strelecha, Pylna, Krasne, Borisovka, Ogurcove, and Pletenivka.

    Denis Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian unit commander, states that Russian troops are amassing reserves and skirmishes have begun in the vicinity of Volchansk. "Street fighting has commenced; the town is becoming surrounded. I am stating this …

  • Russian Defense Ministry acknowledges air defence caused apartment building collapse in Belgorod

    An entrance of a multi-storey residential building in Belgorod collapsed on Sunday morning, May 12, shortly after a missile threat alarm was announced in the city. Vyacheslav Gladkov, Governor of the Belgorod region, reported that the entrance collapsed as a "result of a direct hit by a projectile."

    The Russian Ministry of Defence released a statement alleging that the Ukrainian side shelled Belgorod using a Tochka-U tactical missile system, multiple rocket launcher systems Vilha and RM-70 ' …

  • Ukrainian drones attack Volgograd oil refinery and other Russian facilities

    Ukraine's Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR), under the Ministry of Defense, is reported to be responsible for the attack on the Volgograd oil refinery in the early hours of May 12. Public broadcaster Suspilne reports, citing sources, GUR drones also struck two other sites in Russia the same night.

    The UAVs targeted not only the Volgograd refinery but also the Kaluganefteprodukt oil depot in the settlement of Chelovekovo in the Kaluga region and the Novolipetsk steel plant in Russia's …

  • Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief reports complex situation at the front as forces counter Russian assaults

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi, has stated that as of the morning of May 12th, the situation at the front remains complex. Russian forces continue to actively assault on several fronts, although their attempts to penetrate the defense have been halted.

    General Syrskyi noted that the Russians are trying to break through into the depths of Ukrainian territory. Currently, artillery, drone units, and intelligence are being employed at the sites of …

  • Ukrainian Forces target DPR anniversary car rally in Donetsk with HIMARS strike

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched strikes using HIMARS multiple rocket launch systems on the Lenin district of occupied Donetsk, targeting participants assembled for a car rally marking the 10th anniversary of the DPR independence, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

    Preliminary reports indicate one person killed and another four injured, according to Russian investigative bodies. The Telegram channel Rybar described “five dead and six wounded.”

    The Telegram channel Mash in Donbass …

  • Russia claims to have captured 5 villages in Kharkiv region, Ukraine denies it

    According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, Russian troops allegedly continue to establish control over a number of settlements. However, the Ukrainian Forces report that the "grey zone" has not expanded, and that the enemy has been repelled.

    According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the Russian 'North' group of forces supposedly gained control over the following settlements in Kharkiv region: Borisovka, Ogurtsove, Pletenivka, Pylnaya, and Strelechya.

    "The combatants and equipment of the 23 …

  • France to deliver refurbished SCALP missiles to Ukraine

    In January, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that France was going to supply additional SCALP missiles (the French name for the Storm Shadow missile) to Ukraine.

    Prioritizing the supply of SCALP-EG long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine, France remains mindful to maintain its strategic stockpile, with Macron announcing the delivery of 40 such missiles back in January, marking the second shipment of these French-British munitions. The logistics operation for the delivery has been …