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  • Ankara: Turkey does not side with anyone in Russia-Ukraine conflict

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said his country does not take sides in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

    "Turkey has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine," Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Turkish news agency NTV.

    Cavusoglu said Turkey wants to see peace in the Black Sea region, but existing tensions between Russia and Ukraine are hampering that. He stressed that Ankara would like a diplomatic solution to this conflict.

    "We don't take sides. Our position is …

  • Russian Foreign Minister warns Turkey against selling weapons to Ukraine

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Turkey, as well as other countries, against selling weapons to Ukraine.

    Lavrov said that some countries, in particular Turkey, "feed the militaristic sentiments" of Ukraine.

    The Russian Foreign Minister recommended that countries that cooperate with Ukraine "analyze the situation" and called Kyiv's statements "utterly belligerent."

    At the same time, Lavrov did not specify what "belligerent" statements of Ukraine he specifically had in mind. In …

  • Russia suspends flights to Turkey

    Russia is suspending flights to Turkey due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in that country, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

    According to RIA Novosti, the suspension will be in effect for a month and a half, from April 15 to June 1. During this period, according to Golikova, Russian tour operators are recommended to stop the sale of tours to Turkey.

    Only two flights a week will remain, Moscow - Istanbul and Istanbul - Moscow, as well as flights ringing back Russian tourists. …

  • Turkey: Russian electronic warfare systems unable to counter Bayraktar drones

    Turkey believes that Russian electronic warfare systems can not counter combat drones Bayraktar TB2.

    Baykar CEO Haluk Bayraktar told the journalist during an interview that Russian electronic warfare systems will not be able to interfere with the work of Bayraktar TB2 even for one hour. Turkish drones "will always be able to stay in the air."

    Earlier, Russia claimed that Russian Orion-E combat drone surpasses Turkish drones in some of its characteristics.

    In March 2020, Ukraine tested first …

  • Russia deploys military aircraft and helicopters to Syrian-Turkish border

    Russia is strengthening its military presence in Syrian territories bordering Turkey and began to deploy military equipment, including combat aviation there.

    After the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh there is an increased risk of escalation in these territories, reports the Russian news outlet “TRT in Russian”.

    According to the publication, Russia's military equipment and troops are being deployed to northeast Syria. In the last month alone, the number of troops in Al-Hasakah Governorate has …

  • Ukraine and Turkey agree to jointly produce combat drones and corvettes

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran has signed agreements with Turkish companies on the production of corvettes and combat drones for the Ukrainian army, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    "The signing of the contracts took place as part of the visit of the Turkish delegation headed by the Undersecretary for Defence Industries of the Republic of Turkey, Ismail Demir," the statement reads.

    Taran also stressed that the agreements concern projects that are aimed to …

  • Ukraine and Turkey preparing to sign free trade agreement

    Ukraine and Turkey are preparing to sign a free trade agreement. Ukrainian Deputy Economy Minister Taras Kachka told the Turkish new Agency Anadolu that Kyiv and Ankara are "seeing light at the end of the tunnel."

    The Ukrainian diplomat noted that Kyiv expects to increase trade with Ankara. Moreover, in the last few years Turkey has been one of Ukraine's five key trading partners.

    One of the main contracts of the two sides may be a contract for the supply of diesel fuel. Now Turkey supplies …

  • Ukraine plans to order a new batch of Turkish Bayraktar drones by the end of 2020

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is going to purchase another batch of unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2 manufactured by Turkey, reports Defense Express.

    Kyiv wants to use the new drones to protect the Black Sea and Sea of Azov coast. The Ministry didn’t specify how many drones will be deployed there.

    In addition to mobile control stations, which are based on UAVs themselves, Ukraine also plans to purchase several ground-based control stations. This will allow establishing a so-called " …

  • Turkey tests combat drone with Ukrainian-made engine

    Turkey conducted another test of the Akinci unmanned aerial vehicle with a Ukrainian-made engine, announced Baykar’s technical director on Twitter.

    "The drone successfully made a fully autonomous landing and take-off in a remote area where there is no ground control station," the statement reads.

    The tests took place at an airfield near Istanbul.

    Earlier, it was reported that the second prototype of the Akinci drone, equipped with Ukrainian-made aircraft engines, made the first flight in …

  • Washington to send F-35 fighter jets intended for Turkey to Greece

    The U.S. decided to sell F-35 fighter jets initially intended for Turkey to its opponent, Greece, reported the Greek media referring to the agreements reached during the recent visit of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Athens.

    According to the deal, a total of 20 fighters will be delivered to Greece, including those multifunctional F-35 fighter jets that Turkey was supposed to receive. Greece is now waiting for the first six aircraft to be delivered. In addition, Athens will purchase six …