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  • Ukrainian military to study public sentiment in southern Russia

    The Ukrainian military has decided to conduct a sociological survey of the population of southern Russia. A tender for those wishing to fulfill this contract is open on the Ukrainian Prozorro public procurement website.

    The documentation for the tender shows that the customer is military unit A4398. The Ukrainian Navy’s Center for Information and Psychological Operations, which was previously stationed in Sevastopol, operates under this code. After the Russian annexation of the Crimea, the …

  • Survey: 88% of Ukraine’s top managers say Ukraine is corrupt

    EY, formerly Ernst & Young, commissioned a survey for each of 41 individual countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Members of the boards of directors and middle and senior managers were asked whether corruption and bribery are widespread in their country.

    The study was conducted in Ukraine as well, where 100 employees of the companies were interviewed. The EY website reports that 88% of the Ukrainian respondents answered affirmative, which is the worst result among all the …