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  • Lavrov: Russia’s relations with the West are now worse than they were during the Cold War

    The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, stated in an interview with BBC that Russia's relations with the West are worse than during the Cold War period.

    "We are losing the last remnants of trust in our western partners who prefer to act on very strange logic… There were channels of communication during the Cold War period. And there was no obsession with Russo phobia, which looks like genocide through sanctions,” Lavrov said, commenting on missile attacks against Syria carried …

  • Syrian media claims another missile strike has been averted

    The Syrian anti-missile defense forces deflected a missile attack aimed at the Shayrat military base in the Homs province, the Syrian state media reported on Tuesday, April 17. The missiles were reportedly shot down by the Syrian anti-missile defense systems. The reports did not specify the number of missiles shot down, or who could have fired them.

    Later the Lebanese media reported another interception, citing Hezbollah. The Dumayr airbase on the outskirts of Damascus was the target of the …

  • Macron: France convinced Trump to limit targets in Syria strike

    During an interview with BFM TV, French President Emmanuel Macron said that it was France that convinced US President Donald Trump to limit the strike it inflicted against facilities in Syria.

    "We convinced Trump to limit the targets of the strikes only to sites with chemical weapons capacity," he said.

    According to Macron, the US media and Trump’s Twitter initially used more aggressive rhetoric.  

    He also noted that Paris earlier persuaded Washington to stay in Syria.

    "Ten days ago, …

  • Media: No evidence available that US is preparing for new strike against Syria

    Russian news outlet Kommersant, citing a Russian military-diplomatic source, reports that there is no evidence that the Western coalition is preparing a second strike against Syria.

    "There is no current evidence that the United States and its allies are immediately ready to strike again; French and British aircraft have returned to their places of permanent deployment, and US destroyers that have used up their stock of cruise missiles are likely to leave for Rota, Spain,” the publication …

  • Macron congratulates French military for 'perfectly conducted' strike on Syria

    President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the television channel BFMTV on April 15 that the French military "perfectly conducted" its recent operation in Syria.

    "Three chemical weapon production points were our [intended targets]; we successfully completed our objectives on the military side," said Macron.

    "First of all, I want to thank our soldiers and our army. The operation was conducted perfectly," the French president stressed.

    When asked whether he still plans to attend a …

  • Assad: Repairing airstrike damage will cost Syria $400 billion

    In order to restore the infrastructure in Syria that was destroyed in the airstrike by the US, Britain and France, Syria will need $400 billion and up to 15 years, as stated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a meeting with Russian MPs, Russian news agency  Interfax reports.

    “President Assad said that nearly $400 billion will be required to restore the infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic, and this will take, according to his estimates, 10 to 15 years,” said Dmitry Sablin, …

  • Belarus condemns coalition missile strikes on Syria

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has released a statement in which it “vigorously condemned” missile strikes made on the territory of Syria on April 14 by the United States jointly with the United Kingdom and France.

    “The situation in Syria has become an international armed conflict, which poses risks of uncontrolled escalation going beyond the frames of a region. We, therefore, call on all the parties involved to cease immediately application of armed force against other states and …

  • US did not warn Russia about attack on Syria

    Voice of America reports that Russia was not warned about target strikes in Syria, despite the fact that the US military used conventional channels to avoid escalation.

    The US Military Command utilized its so-called "deconfliction" communication line with Russia on Friday, the day prior to the launch of its operation against Syria. However, the US Command did not disclose which objects would be targeted by the coalition forces.

    "We specifically identified these targets to mitigate the risk of …

  • Media: another strike against Assad coming soon

    The newspaper Baghdad Post reports, citing its sources, that it is likely that the US and its allies will carry out another strike on Assad regime targets by the end of this month. According to the sources, the additional warships of the coalition that are located in the Mediterranean, show that the operation against Assad is not over yet.  "The next strike will be much more destructive for Assad and his allies," the Baghdad Post notes. The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, …

  • Israel closes air space over Golan Heights

    Israel has closed  the air space over the Golan Heights to air traffic, ordering all passenger flights and cargo planes in Israeli airspace and lose to Syrian border to remain under 5,000 ft. altitude.Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  also warned Assad that any action against Israel will be dangerous for his regime.

    According to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli Defense Forces had been notified in advance about airstrikes on targets in Syria by the coalition.

    Israeli media …