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  • Russian Foreign Ministry threatens retaliatory measures because of extension of US sanctions

    The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the extension of United States sanctions on their agency website. The ministry stated that they reserve the right to use retaliatory measures that would meet Russia’s interests. The ministry added that such actions do not help to resolve the Ukrainian crisis; they only erode Russian-American relations. The ministry also called the US sanctions policy “futile.”

    Recently it became public knowledge that US President Barack Obama deliberately prolonged the …

  • The Pentagon has found a replacement for Russian RD-180 rocket engines

    The Pentagon has found a replacement for Russian RD-180 rocket engines, having signed contracts with two American companies, American Aerojet Rocketdyne and United Launch Services. This was stated in a message by the Ministry of Defense of the United States.

    Aerojet Rocketdyne will focus on the development of the rocket engine AR1.  An agreement was reached for $115 million.  United Launch Services will develop a prototype booster Vulcan with a rocket engine BE-4 and rocket propulsion. This …

  • Obama extends sanctions against Russia

    US President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that sanctions against Russia would be extended for another year.

    The text of Obama’s announcement was published on the White House’s website.  

    The US President extended four of his Executive Orders initially signed in 2014 that, in particular, ban economic activity between US citizens and companies with a number of Ukrainian and Russian businesses and individuals.

    “I found that the actions and policies of the Government of the Russian …

  • EU extends sanctions against Yanukovych and his inner circle

    As expected, on the 2nd of March, the EU will continue sanctions against the former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and 15 members of his inner circle. These sanctions were to end on the 6th of March. "Radio Freedom", with reference to sources in the EU, reports.

    It is noted that the sanctions will be extended for another year.

    It is also expected that the former Minister of Health, Raisa Bogatyreva, will not be on the list of sanctions.  Sanctions were imposed two years ago due to …

  • Russian representative to the EU hopes that sanctions will be lifted this summer

    A scenario where sanctions against Russia will be ‘eternal’ is contrary to the basic economic interests of the countries of the European Union, said Russia's Permanent Representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov.

    Russia's permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, expressed hope that sanctions against the Russian Federation will be lifted in the summer 2016.

    "I think at some point, the sanctions will be simply lifted, hopefully in the summer.  To expect a solution that would allow …

  • US Ambassador to Ukraine: Sanctions will not be lifted against Russia until Minsk Agreements are implemented

    The Unites States Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt stated on the air of ZIK TV that sanctions against Russia can be reviewed only when the Minsk Agreements are fully implemented.

    “The President of the United States, Barack Obama, discussed this position in a talk with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He also noted the special requirement of granting full access to OSCE observers to the whole territory of Ukraine – up to the internationally recognized borders. Now, there is nothing …

  • Merkel urges German businesses to 'show patience' with regard to sanctions against Russia

    Angela Merkel emphasized that sanctions may be lifted only after the Minsk Agreements have been fully implemented. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged businesses to demonstrate patience towards the lifting of sanctions against Russia. On February 23rd, speaking at the annual Economic Council of the Christian Democratic Union in Stralsund, Merkel acknowledged that business, to a certain extent, has been adversely affected by sanctions. The Chancellor emphasized that they may be lifted only …

  • US State Department tells companies that there are many risks in doing business with Russia

    The US State Department confirmed that it is working with representatives of the business community in order to convince companies to not do business with Russia in the usual way, RIA Novosti reported. “We continue to clearly state in communications with US companies that we believe that a return to the usual means of conducting business with Russia causes both economic and reputation risks,” the agency quoted the unnamed representative of the US State Department as saying.

    According to the …

  • European Council formally lifts sanctions against Belarus

    The European Council formally lifted sanctions against Belarus on February 25th, citing improvements in the country’s human rights situation.

    In particular, asset freezes and travel bans were lifted against 170 individuals, including President Alexander Lukashenko, as well as three Belarusian companies.

    EU Foreign Ministers made the decision earlier this month after Lukashenko released several political prisoners in August of 2015. The appropriate legislation was approved on February 25th. …

  • The Lithuanian Foreign Minister believes that it is too early to lift sanctions against Russia

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius, commented on statements given by French politicians regarding the possible dangers of ongoing sanctions, saying that they not only affect the country’s economy, but the European Union (EU) as a whole. 

    Linkevičius noted that "no one is proud of the sanctions, but they were introduced for a reason".

    In an interview with Radio French International (RFI), Linkevičius stated that Russia’s annexation of Crimea was the reason for the  …