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  • Two Syrian citizens asked for political asylum in Ukraine

    On April 1, the State Border Service reported that two Syrian citizens asked for political asylum in Ukraine in connection with the military actions in their country. The two women appealed to the border guards at the Kharkiv-Passazhirsky checkpoint during border control of train on the Moscow-Kharkiv route, the report said.

    The 37-year-old and 22-year-old women explained while being interviewed that they arrived in the territory of Ukraine fleeing the armed conflict in Syria and wanted to …

  • Russian Border Guard cadet asks for refugee status in Ukraine

    A cadet from the Russian Border Guard Institute asked Ukraine to grant him political asylum, as reported on Facebook by the assistant head of the State Border Service, Press Secretary Oleh Slobodyan.

    According to Slobodyan, several days ago, a citizen of the Russian Federation, born in 1997, arrived at the Hoprivka border crossing to enter Ukraine. He said that he was a serviceman of the FSB of the Russian Federation and asked to be recognized as a political refugee.

    "During the initial …

  • In one week, 3 Russian citizens requested asylum in Ukraine because of persecution in Russia

    Over the past week, three Russians have asked for political asylum in Ukraine because of the persecution by Russian law enforcement, as reported on the website of the State Border Service.

    "During last week three Russian citizens 45, 38 and 27 years old, who are being persecuted in the Russian Federation, asked employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine for refugee status," the report said.

    Two Russians asked for asylum at the Kyiv Passazhyrsky  checkpoint . They wanted to be recognized …

  • Immigration lawyer: Staff from Russian San-Francisco consulate seeking asylum in US

    The President of the law firm, American Corporate Services, Inc., Gregory Finkelson, said that several employees of the Russian consulate in San Francisco appealed to his company asking for political asylum in the United States.

    ”We have already received several calls from employees of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and are already starting to work with them. They do not want to go back, by the way, and I understand them very well," Finkelson said during a conversation with Russian …

  • Russian family seeks asylum in Ukraine because of persecution over social media posts

    On the evening of July 1st, at one of the checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and Russia, a Russian family asked for refugee status in Ukraine, according to a press report from the State Border Service of Ukraine.

    It is reported that while passing through border control, a 32-year-old Russian citizen and his 33-year-old wife, also a Russian citizen, spoke to employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine and applied for refugee status. They came from a neighboring country, on foot, and with …