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  • Russia experts expect decline in ruble and price of oil after meeting in Doha

    Russian experts believe that the negotiations in Doha will result in a fuel price slump and the depreciation of the ruble as participants have yet to agree on an oil production freeze, as reported by RBC.

    "In the short-term for sure, we will see a decrease in oil prices, it was 43 dollars per barrel over the weekend. Of course, it will go down, how much exactly, I can't say, but it is obvious," says the former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Oleg Vyugin.

    According to an …

  • The Russian rouble has fallen to 1998 levels

    The Central Bank set a record U.S. Dollar rate against the Ruble. The American currency has reached an historic high. On Tuesday, December 15th, the Central Bank of Russia set the Dollar exchange rate against the Ruble at around 70.82 rubles. This was the highest rate for the U.S. currency since 1998. Compared to the previous trading day, the Dollar rose more than 60 cents.

    The Euro exchange rate of the Central Bank was set at 78.23 rubles. The European currency has not yet exceeded its …