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  • Ukraine to Receive $50 Million Loan from Turkey

    The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers approved a loan agreement from Turkey worth $50 million.  The approval comes ahead of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's visit to Kiev on Monday. This was announced by the Minister of Finance, Natalia Jaresko, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    "The draft resolution will authorize the Minister of Finance to implement the government’s external borrowing in 2016 by attracting loans worth no more than $50 million with a maturity not later than five years and at a …

  • Poland to give Ukraine €1 billion loan

    After negotiations with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, confirmed that Warsaw will provide Kiev with a €1 billion loan.

    “Negotiations were held between Valeriya Hontareva, the Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Marek Belka, the Head of the National Bank of Poland.  The two reached an agreement to open a credit line of 4 billion zlotys, approximately €1billion, for Ukraine. This will undoubtedly increase commerce between Ukraine and …

  • Japan to provide Ukraine with $300 million loan

    The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, reached an agreement with the Japanese government that will provide Ukraine with a loan worth $300 million. Expreso.TV reported that the document was signed by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine’s Finance Minister, Natalia Yaresko, and the Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine, Shigeki Sumi.

    The Japanese Ambassador stated that last year, Japan had provided $100 million worth of support for Ukraine. Therefore, the total budget …