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  • Four Russian inspectors observe NATO exercises in Poland

    Four Russian inspectors are observing the Anakonda 2016 international military exercise, which will continue in Poland until June 17, 2016. This was reported by Radio Polsha with reference to information disseminated by the Polish Ministry of Defense.

    According to the Defense Ministry, in the period from June 6 to 9, 2016, four inspectors from the Russian Federation will check the region where the exercises are held. The district selected for audit by the Russians is located in northwestern …

  • Russian pilots conduct large-scale exercises in Crimea

    The large-scale flying and tactical exercises of the Aviation of the Southern Military District (SMD) of the Russian Armed Forces have started in the Russian annexed Crimea, the press service of the Russian military agency reported. The exercises started on the 7th of June in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

    “The helicopter regiment crews will work on detection and recognition of different ground targets and low-flying, low-speed aircraft, as well as the destruction of these …

  • Lavrov: Russia will react to NATO's activities in the Baltic region

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the Kremlin will take certain measures in response to increased NATO activity in the Baltic region. According to Reuters, he said this at a meeting with Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Timo Soini, in Moscow.

    Lavrov said this on the same day as NATO’s large-scale BALTOPS 16 exercises began. These involve NATO troops landing on Finnish soil for the first time.

    “We do not hide our negative attitude towards the fact that NATO is moving their …

  • NATO troops arrive in Finland for the first time

    NATO troops landed in Finland for the first time as part of the Alliance’s Baltic Operations (BALTOP) naval exercises, Yle reported.

    The exercises began on Monday near Hanko west of Helsinki.

    The aim of the training is to develop cooperation between the navies of NATO member states and partners.

    British, German, and Italian soldiers are participating, as well as 200 US Marines.

    BALTOPS are Baltic Sea exercises that have been held annually since 1972.

  • NATO exercises begin in the Baltic Sea

    The Naval exercise, BALTOPS 2016, led by NATO started on June 3rd in the southern part of the Baltic Sea near the coasts of Sweden, Denmark and Poland, reports. BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) exercises have been carried out since 1971. In 2016, training will be held from June 3rd to the 18th. They began on Friday in the Estonian waters of the Baltic Sea.

    A total of 50 ships from 18 NATO nations and alliance partners will take part in the maneuvers, as well as 60 aircraft, helicopters and …

  • US Abrams tanks to arrive in Latvia for NATO exercises

    US Abrams tanks will arrive in Riga on Saturday to participate in the Saber Strike 2016 exercises, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported with reference to Delfi.

    Residents of Riga have been notified that a column of armored vehicles, including Abrams tanks, will be transported from the Port of Riga to the exercise cite in Ādaži.

    The Commander of the National Armed Forces of Latvia, Raimonds Graube, stressed that the exercises are not aimed at provoking Russia, as the NATO drills are on a much smaller …

  • NATO exercises begin in Poland

    NATO’s Brilliant Jump 2016 exercises began in Poland on Tuesday, Radio Polsha reported. 1,500 soldiers of the Polish, Spanish, and British armed forces will participate in the ten-day exercise in Lubusz in western Poland.

    The maneuvers will take place under the Dutch Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum.

    Brilliant Jump will focus on quickly transporting personnel and military equipment to areas of potential threat, which will help Poland to develop its own immediate reaction forces.

    A similar …

  • President of Georgia expressed confidence that his country will join NATO

    The President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, expressed confidence that soon, "Georgia, undoubtedly, will become a member of NATO."

    Speaking at the opening of joint military exercises, Noble Partner 2016, with the United States of America and Great Britain he declared that these exercises are a "continuation of our policy on rapprochement with NATO."

    About 500 Georgian, 650 American and 150 British soldiers are taking part in the exercises. The official purpose of the exercises is the …

  • US tanks arrive in Georgia for joint military exercises

    More than a dozen US M1A2 Abram tanks have arrived in Georgia to participate in the Noble Partner 2016 military exercises, Radio Svoboda reported.

    The exercises involving American, Georgian, and British soldiers will begin on May 11th.

    The Abrams tanks and Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicles arrived in Vaziani, a suburb of Tbilisi, on Thursday, at a former Russian army base.

    "Exercise Noble Partner is a bilateral effort focused on enhancing U.S. and Georgian NATO Response Force …

  • Large-scale NATO exercises begin in Estonia

    The largest of NATO’s military exercises this year began on May 2nd in Estonia. According to the press service of the Estonian Defense Force Headquarters, 6,000 servicemen, including 1,500 from 10 countries that are strong allies and NATO partners, took part in a series of maneuvers code-named Kevadtorm 2016.

    Soldiers from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania are participating. Military exercises scheduled to last three weeks …