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  • Ukrainian court sentences citizen of Iran to 11 years in prison for espionage

    On June 25, the Ordzhonikidzevskyi District Court of Kharkiv sentenced an Iranian citizen to 11 years of imprisonment for espionage (in accordance with Part 1 of Article 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

    The Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office announced through its press service that a 30-year-old Iranian, a graduate student of one of Kharkiv’s universities, met with an employee of the research institution involved in military research and subsequently tried to obtain classified information.

    The …

  • Ukrainian Security Service detains DPR militant in the Donetsk region

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported through its press center that SBU officers involved in the Joint Forces Operation detained a militant in the Donetsk region who belongs to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) .

    Law enforcement officers discovered that in 2014, a resident of Mariupol joined illegal armed groups, where he served as a spy. As a member of the separatists’ “mortar squad,” the perpetrator participated in the shelling of Marinka and Krasnohorivka, and counteracted anti- …

  • Ukraine: Russia’s sentencing of journalist Sushchenko unprecedented and inhumane

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman have commented on the 12 year prison sentence given by Russia to Ukrainian citizen Roman Sushchenko on charges of espionage.

    “The unprecedented obscenity of the Russian ‘court’, which sentenced Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko based on spurious charges, proves that the Kremlin regime will stop at nothing in its attempt to crush the spirit of Ukrainians. However, I am confident that Russia will inevitably be …

  • Latvian citizen charged with engaging in espionage for Russia

    The Prosecutor’s office of the Vidzeme Judicial District of Latvia indicted a Latvian citizen for committing espionage for Russia, as reported by Delfi on March 11th, citing the press service of the Latvian Prosecutor's office.

    On February 26th, law enforcement officials provided documentation to the Prosecutor’s office regarding the illegal collection of classified materials with the intent to transfer them to a foreign state and the illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. The Press …

  • Putin: 400 foreign agents were caught in Russia last year

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that during the past year, the activity of 72 personnel from foreign intelligence services and 397 foreign special services agents were detained in Russia.

    On March 5th Putin spoke at the board of the Russian FSB, noting that in recent years, the activity of foreign intelligence agents was growing. According to Putin, they use the most modern methods of agent and technical intelligence.

    He urged the Russian special services to prevent any attempts by …

  • Estonia and Russia exchange spies at the border

    Estonia and Russia have conducted a border exchange, swapping citizens convicted of espionage, reported Estonian news outlet Delfi.

    The exchange was conducted on February 10 at the border crossing point in the village of Koidula, located on the Russian-Estonian border. Russian citizen Artem Zinchenko, who had served time for espionage in Estonia, was exchanged for Estonian businessman Raivo Susi, who had been convicted of espionage by Russia.

    Russian citizen Zinchenko was convicted of …

  • Russian spy detained in Latvia

    A citizen of Latvia has been detained on suspicion that he was collecting data about military objects and situations in the area adjacent to the Latvian-Russian border and passing it to the Russian special services, according to reports by Latvian news outlet.

    No detailed information was revealed for legal reasons to preserve the secrecy of the investigation.

    The Latvian Security Police that conducted the arrest elaborated on the statement saying that the Russian special services (FSB) …

  • Belarusian KGB: Arrested Ukrainian journalist admits to being intelligence officer

    The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) said that the arrested Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sharoyko has confessed to being a Ukrainian intelligence officer and working in the country under cover. This was announced by the KGB’s official spokesperson Dmitry Pobyarzhin.

    The Belarusian KGB claims that Sharoyko created an agent network with a number of Belarusian citizens, whom he paid to collect military and political intelligence information.

    “In light of his work experience as the head of …

  • Lawyer of detained Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko says he will be sentenced to 20 years in Russian prison

    Russian courts will sentence Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko to 20 years of imprisonment, stated his lawyer Mark Feygin.

    "Tomorrow, the wife and daughter of my client, Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko will arrive to visit him. This will happen on the eve of the ‘court hearings’ where he is going to be sentenced to 20 years for ‘collecting information about the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine’ [according to investigators] in the summer and fall of 2016," Feygin wrote on Twitter. …

  • Two Russians were convicted of illegally entering a Latvian military base

    On July 27, the Latvian court issued a final judgment on case of two Russians who had infiltrated the Adazi military base, reported Alexander Kurkin and Andrei Popko admitted that they were guilty of hooliganism.

    The Latvian political party leader and pro-Russian activist Vladimir Linderman was accused of complicity in the crime. Linderman maintained his innocence.

    Popko and Kurkin were sentenced to nearly 4 months of imprisonment. They had already served some of this time during …