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  • Russia denies US senator entry into the country

    The Russian Embassy to the US has published a statement saying that Russia has refused to issue a visa to US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and that the politician had been put on a "blacklist" created in response to anti-Russian sanctions.

    "The [Russian] Embassy received a visa application for a Congressional delegation consisting of senators and their staff. Visas were issued to all members of the delegation, with the exception of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who is on a Russian ‘blacklist’ created in …

  • Russian Agriculture Minister Denied German Visa

    The Russian Minister of Agriculture was denied a German visa. Alexander Tkachev, who was going to visit the agricultural exhibition in Berlin, was denied an entry visa because at the time of his request, he was listed on an EU sanctions list. As a result, the Ministry said that Russia no longer considers it possible for them to participate in the event.

    "Russia was going to take part in the World Food and Agricultural Exhibition at Green Week 2016, but due to the fact that the German Foreign …