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  • Ukraine urges NATO not to recognize elections in the Crimea

    At the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Council, Ukraine called on the representatives of the parliaments of NATO’s member countries not to recognize the results of elections of Russia’s President in annexed Crimea, Iryna Friz, People's Deputy of Ukraine said.

    "We called on the parliaments of the country-members of the Alliance not to recognize the results of the ‘elections’ of Vladimir Putin as the President of Russia in annexed Crimea because it is a violation of international law. When …

  • Ukraine warns of criminal prosecution of anyone involved in Russian presidential elections in Crimea

    The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea warns citizens of Ukraine that if they participate in organizing Russian elections in annexed Crimea, they will be charged with high treason under the Criminal Code of Ukraine,stated Deputy Prosecutor of Crimea Oleksandr Udovychenko in his commentary on Krym.Realii TV.

    “If Ukrainian citizens are found guilty, then they may face sentences for treason that involve up to 15 years of imprisonment. They will also be held …

  • US Ambassador to Ukraine: Washington will not recognize Russian presidential elections in Crimea

    US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch has said that Washington will not recognize the Russian Presidential elections planned in the annexed Crimea. She said this on air during a broadcast of Ukrainian television channel Pryamoi.

    "I think [it will be the same] as with all the elections in the Crimea…the way we treated these elections in the past is that we did not recognize them," Yovanovitch said.

    The Russian presidential elections are scheduled for March 18, 2018 - the anniversary of …

  • Russia states the elections in annexed Crimea will be held despite Ukraine’s protests

    The Deputy Chairperson of the Russian Central Election Commission, Nikolay Bulaev, stated that the presidential election will be held in the annexed Crimea as planned, despite Ukraine’s protest, RIA Novosti reports.

    According to Bulaev, this issue was “resolved for Russian citizens living the Crimea during the referendum in 2014”. The representative of the Central Election Commission said that during the so-called “referendum”, the residents of the Crimea allegedly “chose their future …

  • Local elections completed in Crimea with very little turn around

    The Russian electoral committee of annexed Crimea announced on the evening of September 10 that the voting on additional elections in the settlements of the peninsula was completed.

    The official website of the department reported that all polling stations completed their work by 8:00 p.m. These were additional elections of deputies of the first convocation of the Crimean parliament controlled by the Kremlin and deputies of local authorities.

    The chairman of the election committee, Mikhail …