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  • Montenegro accuses Russian secret services of organizing a coup

    Balkan Insight reports that Montenegro has resumed proceedings on the case of the attempted coup in 2016. Previously Russians had been accused of being involved in this attempt.

    The prosecutor's office has now released evidence that the attempted removal of authorities in the country was done under the guidance of two Russian intelligence officers who coordinated the actions of the putschists (coup plotters) from neighboring Serbia. However, the newspaper did not specify what type of evidence …

  • Montenegro accuses Russia of trying to destabilize the Balkans

    Former Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović accused Russia of trying to destabilize the situation in the Balkans. He stated on the 21st of February that pro-Moscow groups “deployed a lot of destructive material in Montenegro” in the attempt to organize a coup.

    “A new puppet government would serve only the interests of Moscow, which wants to send a message to Europe and NATO, that they can’t expand to the Balkans without Russian consent,” said Đukanović, who was the initiator of his …

  • Montenegro accuses Russia of planning last October's coup attempt

    Russian intelligence was involved in planning a coup d’état in Montenegro on the 16th of October 2016, said special state prosecutor Milivoje Katnić in a local television broadcast.

    According to the Montenegrin prosecutor, on the 16th of October, a group of conspirators planned to assassinate Prime Minister Milo Đukanović. Russian citizen Eduard Shirokov featured on the list of suspects for participation in the attempted coup.

    According to a written publication of Vijesti, the investigation …

  • Parliament of Montenegro revoked immunity of leaders of pro-Russian opposition

    On Monday, February 13, Chief Special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Katnić appealed to Montenegro’s Parliament with a request to lift parliamentary immunity of the leaders of the pro-Russian opposition, the Democratic Front’s Andrija Mandiić and Milan Knežević. Days later, Radio I Televizija Crne Gore reported that Parliament voted to do exactly that.

    Before the vote, Speaker of the Parliament Ivan Brajović expressed hope that lifting the immunity of both deputies would speed up the …

  • The Parliament of Montenegro can lift diplomatic immunity of pro-Russian MPs

    The Parliamentary Commission of Montenegro supported the request of the Chief Special Prosecutor to rescind the diplomatic immunity of two high-ranking opposition leaders accused of being involved in a pro-Russian plot to overthrow the Government, Radio Svoboda reported. The Parliament is scheduled to vote on the removal of diplomatic immunity from the MPs on the 15th of February.

    The Chief Special Prosecutor of Montenegro, Milivoje Katnich, has already made the request which allows for Andrey …