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  • Media: A number of large EU banks will not place Russian Eurobonds

    A number of major European banks have decided not to participate in the placement of Russian Eurobonds in the amount of $3 billion, and Russia is finding it increasingly difficult to enter the foreign holdings market while being subject to sanctions, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    In mid-March, the EU leadership, following the United States' example, advised European banks against attempting to purchase Russian government bonds. Formally, the placement of bonds is not in violation of the …

  • Czech National Bank imposes temporary ban on European-Russian Bank activity

    The Czech national bank imposed a temporary ban on the European-Russian Bank’s (ERB) financial activity. According to the regulation made by the Czech National Bank today, the ERB, which has operated in the Czech Republic since 2008 has temporarily lost its authority to take new deposits and provide credits.

    Czech National Bank spokesman Tomáš Zimmermann stated that the Czech National Bank, as the executive body of the Financial Oversight Committee, evaluated the situation of the ERB. After …