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  • Lithuania bans 49 Russians from entering the country under Magnitsky Act

    The Lithuanian Minister of the Interior, Eimutis Misiūnas, has banned 49 Russian citizens from entering the country under the Magnitsky bill, as reported by Ministry spokesperson Karolis Vaitkevičius to BNS.

    A list was compiled by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) based on consultations with foreign partners, said MFA spokesperson Rasa Jakilaitienė. She specified that the list had been prepared prior to adoption of the Magnitsky bill by the Seimas, and included Russians accused …

  • Moldovan parliament approves the bill banning Russian news broadcasts

    On December 22, the Moldovan parliament voted again for the bill banning Russian propaganda, which the country's president, Igor Dodon had previously refused to sign, reported news website.

    Maxim Lebedinsky, the Moldovan president’s legal advisor said that this project is contrary to the Constitution and has nothing to do with ensuring the information security of the country. He also stated that the provisions of the document contradicted the European Convention on Human Rights.

    " …

  • Since the beginning of the year, 70 Russian artists have been barred from entering Ukraine

    Since the beginning of the year, the State Border Guard Service has banned entry into Ukraine for 70 artists, including those who, bypassing Ukrainian legislation, visited the Russian-annexed Crimea, as indicated by a representative of the Ukrainian State Border Guard, Oleh Slobodyan, Krym.Realii reports. The Service specified that the list will be expanding.

    "We hope that we will have more information about certain artists. I remind you that we have a stop list on the website to which we have …

  • Separatist commander Khodakovsky banned entry to Russia

    The commander of the separatist battalion Vostok, Aleksandr Khodakovsky, has been denied entry to Russia.

    "I, myself am under certain pressure to some degree. I already have two pieces of paper forbidding the entry to Russia," Khodakovsky said on his YouTube channel. According to him, he does not understand the reasons for this ban.

    Earlier, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) reported that Russian special services could possibly target the separatist field commanders Bezler and Khodakovsky. …

  • Ukraine banned the entry of about 40 artists from Russia

    Ukraine banned about 40 Russian actors and singers from entering the country for three years due to their illegal visits to the Crimea, said the head of the State Border Guard Service, Viktor Nazarenko in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

    "To date, we have identified about 40 people: artists and other public figures from Russia who visited the Crimea," Nazarenko said and added that the State Border Guard Service is grateful for the help provided by citizens of Ukraine and law enforcement …

  • Steven Seagal was banned from entering Ukraine for five years

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) banned American actor Steven Seagal from entering Ukraine for five years. Seagal also holds Serbian and Russian citizenship and he is a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "On the grounds of Part 1, Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine 'On the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons' and Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine 'On the Fundamentals of National Security of Ukraine', the Security Service of Ukraine made a decision to ban the entry into …

  • European Commision allows Lithuanian ban of Russian TV channel for inciting hatred

    Lithuania’s decision to suspend broadcasting rights of Russian TV channel RTR-Planeta complies with EU legislation, a report on the European Commission’s website said.

    In December 2016, Lithuanian authorities notified the European Commission that Russian language TV channel RTR-Planeta, broadcasting to Lithuanian from Sweden, was disseminating material inciting hatred. Thus, Lithuanian authorities blocked the broadcasting of the channel for three months.

    "Statements made in several RTR- …

  • Ukraine and Azerbaijan imposed a ban on imported goods from Nagorno-Karabakh and the Donbas

    The Ambassador of Ukraine to Azerbaijan, Alexander Mishchenko, stated that Ukraine and Azerbaijan agreed to disallow the import of goods from the Donbas and Nagorno-Karabakh without formal approval, Nova Epoha reported.

    “During the visit of Petro Poroshenko to Baku, the Presidents of both countries gave instructions to the Heads of customs agencies of Ukraine and Azerbaijan to meet and discuss the issue of passage of goods imported from the occupied territories of both countries,” Mishchenko …

  • Ukraine bans entry of Russian singer

    On November 6, the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that Russian R&B singer Kristina Sarkisyan, who performs under the pseudonym Kristina Si, was banned from entering Ukraine for three years. These measures were taken because the singer had crossed the Ukrainian border through inactive checkpoints and stayed in the temporarily occupied territories.

    The agency noted that the Russian had violated Ukrainian legislation regarding crossing the state border through …

  • Ukraine's Security Service bans entry of 140 Russian cultural figures

    The Security Service of Ukraine has denied entry to 140 Russian cultural figures, as stated in an official reply from the Security Service, which the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Olga Chervakova, cited in a social network.

    The punitive measure is a result of activities and statements by the Russian artists that are contrary to the interests of its neighboring country.

    "The Security Service of Ukraine has banned about 140 Russian cultural figures from entering the …