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  • Media: NATO internal documents reveal weaknesses in the Alliance defense capabilities

    NATO internal documents call into question the defense capability of the alliance in the event of a crisis, as reported by the German publication Der Spiegel. According to Der Spiegel, the internal "Progress Report on the Strengthened Deterrence and Defense Capability of the Alliance” indicates that the ability of NATO's rapid reaction forces to adequately respond to challenges is questionable.

    In addition, there are serious problems with logistics on the eastern flank of the alliance.

    A NATO …

  • Iran intends to create an alliance with Russia in the Middle East

    The chairman of the Parliament of Iran, Ari Larijani, spoke of Tehran’s efforts to conclude a strategic alliance with Russia in the Middle East, as the two countries have differences on key issues, including the situation in Syria.

    Moreover, Iran supports the idea of an open dialogue with Arab countries, including its main rival in the area, Saudi Arabia. Larijani stressed that such cooperation must take place “without any preconditions.”

    In an interview on the television station “Al-Mayadin,” …