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  • Ukrainian Prosecution office presses charges against Zhytomyr law enforcement officials following Zelensky’s visit

    After a meeting in Olevsk regarding illegal amber mining, the regional prosecution office has initiated a criminal case against law enforcement officials from the Zhytomyr region who may have derived unlawful benefit from the activity.

    “During the meeting, among other problematic matters, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky voiced information on the complicity of government and law enforcement officials from the Zhytomyr province in providing cover for illegal amber mining schemes in the …

  • President Poroshenko promises new weapons to Ukrainian paratroopers

    The Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive new types of weapons soon, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated during a meeting with the staff of Ukraine’s Air Assault Forces after the completion of military exercises in the Zhytomyr Oblast, Interfax Ukraine reported.

     “The pace of rearmament does not fully meet our needs. I want to assure that the government  will do everything to solve these problems as soon as possible,” Poroshenko said.

    In addition, he noted …

  • Ukrainian air assault troops carry out exercises in Zhytomyr

    On Wednesday, November 21, the 95th Assault Brigade held brigade tactical exercises in the Zhytomyr region, marking the first anniversary of the creation of the Air Assault Troops, formerly known as Highly Mobile Landing Troops. reported that the practical part of the drills began with a hypothetical air strike. Then, servicemen with military equipment parachuted out of an Il-26 and An-26 transport planes. On the ground, the paratroopers practiced how to fight when ambushed, walk through …