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  • NATO doubts Russia will fulfill the terms of the Minsk Agreements

    Changing the intensity of the conflict is the Russia's way to demonstrate its power, General Breedlove stated.

    Breedlove, the U.S. European Command General and the NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, does not believe that Putin intends to implement the Minsk agreement.

    The probability that the Kremlin will fulfill its commitments by the end of the year is negligible,  said Breedlove at a press conference on Wednesday, December 2.

    "It is unlikely that we can get everything Putin …

  • U.S. Missile Cruiser USS Ross to enter the Black Sea.

    According to the reports by the US Navy 6th Fleet, USS Ross will enter the Black Sea on Thursday to promote peace and stability in the region and enhance cooperation with "allies and partners."

    Earlier in October, the USS Ross intercepted a ballistic missile as a part of exercises testing the first part of the US missile shield in Europe.

    The Black Sea is adjacent to countries with tense relations, in particular Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

    The USS Ross is an Arleigh Burke-class guided …

  • Crimean Tatar activists promise a naval blockade of the Crimea

    The coordinator of the civil actions to blockade the Crimea, Lenur Islyamov, said that the road blockade prohibiting the supply of goods, and the destruction of the supply of electricity to Crimea from mainland Ukraine will soon be followed by a “naval blockade” of the Peninsula, including the Kerch ferry, the main transport artery connecting the Crimea with the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation.

    In an interview with Open Russia, Islyamov stated, "We will go further.  We will do the …

  • US and EU to continue sanctions against Russia until Ukraine regains control over its borders

    The U.S. and the EU agreed to extend sanctions against Russia until full compliance with the Minsk agreements is reached. This information was confirmed by the Coordinator of Sanctions Policy at the U.S. Department of State, Daniel Fried.

    The last defining element of all the Minsk agreements – the Minsk Protocol, Minsk Memorandum and Minsk set of activities – is for Kiev to regain control over its internationally recognized border with Russia in Eastern Ukraine, Fried explained, speaking at …

  • Crimean authorities impose sanctions against Turkey

    The Russian Head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, indicated that Crimean authorities have imposed sanctions against Turkey.

    "Turkish citizens will not be able to work within the territory of the Crimea, all investment contracts will be terminated, and goods imported into the territory of the Crimea by the Turkish Republic will be banned.  I should mention that the volume of Turkish products exported to the Crimea is insignificant and this will not have a significant impact on development in the …

  • Russian Minister of Energy Skeptical About Continued Crimean Reliance on Ukrainian Power Supply

    Russian Minister of Energy Skeptical About Continued Crimean Reliance on Ukrainian Power Supply

    According to the Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, he had no clear understanding concerning the continuation of work with Ukrainian electrical power system. Authorities of the Russian Federation do not anticipate the renewal of power supplies from Ukraine to Crimea.

    “The peninsula counts on its own strength,” Novak said in Simferopol. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Energy denied the …

  • EU to discuss extension of sanctions on Russia

    In the next two weeks the Council of the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union (Coreper) will begin its work preparing proposals for the heads of EU Member States on the extension of economic sanctions against Russia. RIA Novosti reports that sources close to EU leadership believe that during the summit in December, members will decide on the renewal of these measures, presumably for another six months. 

    According to one source, the draft document on economic sanctions …

  • Poroshenko met with the Prime Minister of Canada


    The Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, discussed the prospects of an expansion of the special cooperation between the two countries at the meeting that was held in Paris. Poroshenko told Trudeau about the current situation in Donbas and emphasized the importance of a unified view concerning the issue on the maintenance of sanctions against Russia until full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine is achieved, the presidential …

  • US Defence Budget approved with $300 aid to Ukraine

    Barack Obama signed U.S. 2016 defense budget that among other things will provide a $300 million assistance for Ukraine.

    The revised law signed on November 25, 2015 assigning $300 million for Ukraine forces, includes $50 million that may be used for lethal defensive arms.

    As a reminder, the budget stipulates $300 million in defense and security assistance to Ukraine. These funds may be used to train Ukrainian servicemen, to transfer intelligence data, non-lethal or lethal weapons.

    Ukrainian …

  • How Russia Is a Threat to Ukraine

    Political expert, Olesya Yahno, stated that possible renewal of military actions east of the country, as well as the unpredictability of Russia and its internal processes, poses a threat to Ukraine. “Potential risks apply not only to former Soviet countries but the whole Asian territory and Central Asia in particular. Kurdistan is not simply a problem for one particular country; it’s a problem for other nations as well,” stated Yahno.

    On the other hand, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are all …