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  • Residents of Avdiivka have enough drinking water to last 3-4 days

    According to the head of Avdiivka’s military-civilian administration, Pavlo Malyhin, there is only enough filtered water in the city to last another 3-4 days, Radio Liberty reported.

    The residents of the city are subject to water rationing.

    Once potable water runs out, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service will provide residents of Avdiivka with drinking water.

    The Donetsk filtration station that provides Avdiivka with water has been without power since January 30th. Attempts to resume the …

  • Russian Navy fires on Ukrainian military aircraft over the Black Sea

    According to the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, a Ukrainian An-26 cargo plane came under fire when conducting a training flight over the Odessa Gas platform in the Black Sea.

    “Today, February 1, 2017, during a training flight over exclusive economic waters of Ukraine, in the area of Odessa Gas field, the platforms of which were previously seized by Russian Federation, an An-26 cargo plane of the Ukrainian Navy came under fire,” the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Stepan …

  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces occupied separatist positions in Avdiivka

    The separatists tried to storm the Ukrainian position in the Avdiivka industrial zone, as reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Separatist groups were pushed back, and the Ukrainian military reached and secured the enemy’s front positions, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense related issues, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, said.

    According to him, the fighting still continues.

    "Building on the success and preventing further aggressive actions by the enemy, the anti-terrorist operation …

  • Ukrainian forces gain foothold across strategic road in eastern Ukraine

    As a result of a counterattack, the Ukrainian forces gained a foothold near the town of Spartak and crossed the strategic road Donetsk-Horlivka near the town of Tsarskoye Selo.

    This was reported by Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala on his Facebook page citing sources in Ukrainian military.

    “As a result of counteroffensive, we managed to gain a foothold near Spartak and cross the Donetsk-Horlivka road near Tsarskoye Selo. Now, the soldiers say the most important thing is that they [the …

  • Conflict in the Donbas escalates, Avdiivka on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe

    The situation along the contact line in eastern Ukraine remains tense. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, 8 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 26 were wounded on January 29-30.

    The situation is the most difficult near Avdiivka (a town 6 km away from Donetsk). Seven out of eight Ukrainian servicemen were killed there while three civilians were critically injured.

    The spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Alexander Motuzyanik, reported that during the hostilities near …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Defense: Ukraine's Armed Forces took control of strategic position near Avdiivka

    After the separatist attack that occurred on Sunday morning, the Ukrainian armed forces counterattacked and manage to take control of a strategic position in the area of Avdiivka industrial zone, as stated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense citing the head of the Ministry, Stepan Poltorak.

    Poltorak made this statement while visiting wounded servicemen at the Lviv Military hospital.

    “Today we have witnessed aggravation of the situation at Avdiivka. In the morning, the separatist have started …

  • Heavy fighting erupts near Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine

    The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports that on Sunday, January 29, at around 7:00 am, separatists, after a massive artillery barrage, attacked Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka industrial zone.

    According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the attack on the Ukrainian positions was repelled.

    “As a result of a successful defensive maneuver, the Ukrainian forces stopped the enemy attack and prevented them from taking over the Ukrainian positions. The separatist forces suffered heavy …

  • Lithuania continues to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons

    In 2016, Lithuania sent Ukraine 147 shipments of lethal weapons that were designed and produced at the time of USSR, as reported by Ukrinform news agency. The above statistics is accessible through the UN Global Arms Trade portal.

    In particular, Vilnius sent Ukraine 60 KPV-14.5 Vladimirov heavy machine guns (used on Ukrainian BTR armored vehicles) and 86 Degtyaryov 12.7 mm portable machine guns.

    These machine guns are used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in eastern Ukraine.

    Earlier Lithuania …

  • Ukrainian forces push ahead at Svitlodarsk Salient

    Several units of 54th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have moved forward in the direction of the town of Stakhanov and took over positions which were previously held by separatists. This was reported by the journalists of the Ukrainian TSN channel who visited the newly held Ukrainian positions. According to the Ukrainian soldiers, the positions were captured without any losses and almost without shooting.

    All the paths to the separatist bunker are covered with mines and booby traps. The …

  • Ukrainian government official: 30 percent of separatist troops in the Donbas are Russian

    If Russia decides to withdraw its troops from the Donbas, it will be 30 percent of all the separatist troops fighting there against Ukrainian forces. The rest are the groups not subordinate to anyone. This was stated by Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories George Tuka on the air of 112 Ukraine channel.

    "According to various estimates, about 30% of the soldiers, who are in the territory of Ukraine, are Russian soldiers. The other 30% are the so-called "Cossacks" and various …