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  • Ukraine is sending reinforcements to Bakhmut

    Ukraine is sending additional military units to Bakhmut, Donetsk region. The corresponding decision was made by the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces,Oleksandr Syrskyi, of during a recent trip to the Ukrainian positions in Bakhmut, said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar on the Ukrainian TV.

    According to her, Syrskyi visited Bakhmut to understand the situation and see if its going to worsen or improve. Other decisions have also been made there that cannot yet be disclosed.

    Maliar …

  • Three Russian regions come under drone attacks

    At least three Russian regions - Belgorod, Bryansk regions and the Krasnodar Krai came under drone attacks overnight.

    The wreckage of three drones was found at in the Belgorod region, reported the regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. The mayor of Belgorod, Valentin Demidov, said that one of the UAVs flew into the window of an apartment building. There were no casualties.

    The authorities of the Bryansk region reported that a Ukrainian drone was allegedly downed by the air defense in the …

  • Newly mobilized Russian solders from Irkutsk record a desperate video appeal to Putin

    Newly mobilized Russian soldiers from the Irkutsk region recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They said that they had been transferred under the command of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. According to the soldiers, the DPR command sends them to the front lines, "to be slaughtered", and if they refuse to go, the commanders fire at them from machine guns. The video appeal of Irkutsk conscripts was published by the Telegram channel People of Baikal.

    According to …

  • German media: China preparing to supply Russia with kamikaze drones for war in Ukraine

    China is going to supply Russia with kamikaze drones, which will be used against Ukraine, reports Der Spiegel. According to the newspaper, Moscow and Beijing are already in talks about the first shipment of one hundred drones.

    According to Der Spiegel, the supplier is the Chinese manufacturer of drones Xi'an Bingo Intelligent Aviation Technology. The company has agreed to provide Russia with prototypes of his ZT-180 UAVs by April 2023. Military experts believe that the drones will be similar …

  • Russia threatens Ukraine, US and NATO over alleged ‘military provocation’ in Transnistria

    Russia's Foreign Ministry is threatening Ukraine for its allegedly planned "military provocation against Transnistria" and has said it will view any Ukrainian actions in the region as an "attack on Russia."

    In its statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry refers to the allegations of the Russian Defense Ministry about the alleged "significant accumulation of personnel and military equipment of Ukrainian units near the Ukrainian-Pridnestrovian border" and "the deployment of artillery in firing …

  • Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki: Poland will be the first country to supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during a joint press conference with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in Copenhagen that it is likely that Ukraine will receive Leopard 2 tanks from Poland earlier than from other partners.

    "At the moment, many Ukrainian soldiers are learning to operate these tanks in Poland. Poland is likely to be the first, and one of the first countries to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine," the Polish Prime Minister said.

    Morawiecki thanked the head of …

  • Russia reportedly running out of ammunition

    The Russian Defense Ministry cut the supply of ammunition to the Wagner PMC not only because of the conflict with its owner Yevgeny Prigozhin. In fact, the "second army of the world" is experiencing a severe shortage of shells and all other military units are receiving less ammunition, reported the Russian Telegram channel VCHKA-OGPU.

    "When Prigozhin says there is enough ammunition in the warehouses of the Defense Ministry, he does not have sufficient information. The situation with ammunition …

  • Prigozhin shows a mass of killed Wagner mercenaries, blames Russian military command for withholding ammunition

    The founder of the Wagner private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, continues to conflict with the top military leadership of the Russian Federation. Today, through the Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (real name – Maxim Fomin), he reported that his fighters were dying near Bakhmut because of "shell hunger". According to Prigozhin, as of 10 a.m. on February 22, "no steps have been taken to provide ammunition." Prigozhin’s interview with Tatarsky was published by the press service of …

  • Prigozhin lashes out at Russian Defense Minister for not providing ammunition and weapons to Wagner PMC

    A conflict is actively developing in the Russian military-political elite. The founder of the private military company the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, complains about the shortage of weapons and ammunition, and personally blames the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. The conflict between Wagner mercenaries and the Russian military leadership has been brewing for more than a month, but up until now Prigozhin preferred that subordinates publicly complain about the problems.

    "The sh**t …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov says he explained to the US Defense Secretary the importance of defending Bakhmut

    Ukrainian troops are grinding down Russians in Bakhmut and reduce their offensive potential, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with Babel.

    According to him, the defense of Bakhmut is a military question, not a political one.

    "Our military clearly understands that Bakhmut is a fortress that grinds down the Russian resources. The Russians have the greatest daily losses just in the directions of Bakhmut, Lyman, the entire area. They attack in groups and leave the …