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  • Russian journalist: Putin's propaganda turned separatists into heroes

    Russian journalist, Marina Ahmedova, wrote a blog which contains information on Russia’s support of the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR (Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics). Ahmedova stated that the separatists who captured the Donbas were made out to be heroes.  

    “Russian journalists were the ones who decided to make heroes of some militia members. They were with them all the time, went to the front lines with them and broadcasted their military and daily life. They actively glorified heroic …

  • Russian MoD: Reports of Russian casualties in the Donbas are 'nonsense'

    According to the Ukrainian Intelligence, 38 bodies of the Russian military were transported from the Donbas to the Russian Federation overnight. The Russian Defense Ministry called this information "nonsense."

    According to the website of the Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, 38 dead Russian soldiers were transported from the territory of Ukraine to Russia during the night on Saturday, April 16th. As stated by the Intelligence, the bodies were transported …

  • Ukrainian forces came under fire 50 times on Saturday

    Russian-backed separatists opened fire on Ukrainian positions more than 50 times on Saturday, as stated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces press center on Sunday morning, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    The separatists allegedly used rocket-propelled grenades, a variety of machine guns, anti-tank missiles, and 82mm and 120mm caliber artillery against Ukrainian positions, the press center announced on Facebook on Sunday morning.

    The epicenter of the fighting remains in the area of Avdiivka, where …

  • Ukrainian intelligence: The bodies of 38 Russian soldiers were transported across the border from Donetsk

    According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the bodies of 38 Russian soldiers who fought near Avdiivka were transported across the border to Russia, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    "The Armed Forces [of Russia], engaged in sabotage and intelligence actions in the area around Avdiivka… On the night of April 15th-16th, at the former Russian checkpoint  ‘Donetsk’ [Russia] transported 38 bodies of dead Russian soldiers,” a statement released by the Main …

  • Separatist mass grave found near Donetsk

    According to the press office of the Police of the Bahmutka district  [under control of the Ukrainian government ] on April 13th a mass grave containing about 18  unidentified bodies in uniforms was found between the villages Spirne and Grabovka, in the Bahmutka district near Donetsk.

    According to the district police the grave was found by the search and rescue mission of the Ukrainian armed forces, Evacuation -200, during their terrain surveillance operation.

    The police officials say that …

  • Separatist Commander: We are in a difficult situation in Avdiivka

    Alexander Khodakovsky, the commander of the separatist Vostok battalion, says that in many ways the fighting in the Avdiivka industrial zone can be compared to the battle for the Donetsk Airport*, though the current situation is unique.

    "The strategic difference between the fight in Avdiivka and the Airport is that then we had to only even the curve of the front in a more favorable way for us. We had to push the enemy further from the city," Khodakovsky wrote on his LiveJournal page.

    "Here, …

  • Fighting continues in Avdiivka

    Fighting and artillery exchanges continue near Avdiivka, and both sides accuse the other of using artillery banned by the Minsk agreements. The distance between the positions of the separatists and the Ukrainian positions has shrunk to a mere 300 meters.

    Both sides admit that the  intensity of the fighting increases when OSCE monitors are not present in the area.

    On Saturday a 71 year old woman was hit and killed by a mortar shell while working in her backyard in Avdiivka.

    There are …

  • OSCE: Separatists prevent proper monitoring near Yasynuvata

    The Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE, Alexander Hug, stated at his briefing in Kyiv that the OSCE is unable to properly monitor the situation near Yasynuvata.

    "Our access to Yasynuvata fully depends on the DPR [the so-called Donetsk People's Republic]. Almost every day of the week our monitoring mission has to be followed by their [DPR] representatives. This is the only way we could do monitoring in the area of Yasynuvata" he stated.

    According to Hug, there are multiple restrictions …

  • Separatist commander acknowledges heavy losses near Avdiivka

    The founder of the Vostok separatist battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, acknowledged that 13 in his unit were killed and 90 were wounded between March 7th and April 7th.

    “The biggest losses were suffered in the industrial zone between Yasynuvata and Avdiivka. This is becoming, as our fighters say, the second Airport*,” he wrote on his LiveJournal page.

    “I do not have the information about the losses in the other units, but I can guess that they are considerable too… Only the Vostok battalion …

  • Heavy fighting reported near Avdiivka

    According to several Ukrainian soldiers, heavy fighting has erupted near Avdiivka, where a separatist offensive involving members of the Russian Special Forces (GRU) was launched, CRiMe reported.

    The Ukrainian servicemen told the online publication that the offensive includes the use of tanks and other heavy weapons that are banned by the Minsk agreements. They also stated that Russian GRU forces were involved in the fighting.

    “Before the offensive we managed to intercept their radio …