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  • Russia preparing to surrender Kherson

    According to the commander of the Russian troops in the zone of the so-called "special operation" in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, "the situation in Kherson is very difficult."

    "We will act consciously, in a timely manner, not excluding the adoption of the most difficult decisions," the general said on the air of the TV channel Russia 24.

    According to Surovikin, "the enemy strikes at critical infrastructure," so "further plans and actions regarding the city of Kherson itself will depend …

  • Putin declares martial law in occupied regions of Ukraine

    Speaking at a meeting of the Russian Security Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had signed a decree introducing martial law in four regions of Ukraine - Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk. All these areas are partially occupied by the Russian military. On September 6, Putin signed decrees on the accession of these regions to the Russian Federation.

    According to the decree, which was published on the Kremlin's website, the martial law regime will take effect from …

  • Estonian Parliament recognizes Russia as a terrorist state

    The Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) adopted a statement condemning the annexation of the territory of Ukraine and declaring Russia as a terrorist regime. The declaration was unanimously supported by all 88 members of parliament.

    "Putin's regime, threatening to use nuclear weapons, has made Russia the greatest threat to peace both in Europe and around the world," the document reads.

    Estonian MPs supported the appeal of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to deprive the …

  • Religious conflict blamed for mass shooting at Russian military training ground near Belgorod

    The number of victims of the mass shooting at the training ground near Belgorod is probably three times higher than officially reported, report Russian telegram channels.

    On the morning of October 15, a shooting occurred at the training ground of the Russia Armed Forces near the village of Soloti in the Belgorod region. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s report, 11 servicemen were killed in the incident, but in reality there may be more than three dozen victims, reported the Russian …

  • Russia orders Iranian drones which were designed for attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa

    Russia has ordered a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle from Iran, which has not yet been used in Russian attacks on Ukraine yet, said the expert of the Russian Center for Military-Political Journalism, Boris Rozhin, referring to unnamed sources in the Islamic Republic. These are Arash-2 drones. Earlier, the commander of the Iranian ground forces, Brigadier Kioumars Heydari, said that these drones were designed specifically to attack Tel Aviv and Haifa. The range of the drone's flight is 2000 …

  • Russia: Ukrainian Forces have begun active phase of offensive in Kherson region

    The Ukrainian Forces have begun the active phase of the offensive in the Kherson region, but the Russian army is ready to repel attacks, said the Russia-installed deputy “governor" of the region, Kirill Stremousov.

    "It doesn't mean anything. On August 28, there was also an active phase just in the area of Posad-Pokrovske, which was successfully stopped by the Russian army," he stressed.

    Stremousov said that the Ukrainian troops are carrying out the offensive between Dudchany and Berislav. He …

  • Media: Putin is considering a ceasefire in Ukraine to prepare for a new offensive

    Russia continues to promote the idea of negotiations with Ukraine, but Vladimir Putin is not going to refuse to continue the war and hopes to use a ceasefire to prepare for a new offensive in February-March 2023, reports the news outlet Meduza, citing its sources close to the Kremlin.

    According to Meduza, Putin is thinking about resuming negotiations, despite the refusal of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to negotiate with him after Russia’s annexation of 4 regions of Ukraine. At …

  • Ukrainian troops continue their advance towards Kherson

    While Russian troops are shelling Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure, Ukrainian Forces continue their advance towards Kherson. Since August, the Ukrainian side has regained control over more than 1,170 square kilometers in the Kherson region. On Thursday, in a morning review of the military situation, British intelligence claimed that Ukrainian troops were confidently advancing towards Kherson.

    Having retreated about 20 km in early October, Russian troops are likely trying to …

  • PACE recognizes Russia as a terrorist state

    On Thursday, October 13, The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime. This decision was supported by 99 delegates, one abstained.

    The document entitled " Further escalation in the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine" states that "this aggression should be unequivocally condemned as a crime in itself, as a violation of international law and as a major threat to international peace and security." …

  • Kyiv: Russia evacuating FSB officers and local officials from occupied Ukrainian territories

    Russian special services are preparing the evacuation of their officers from the captured Ukrainian territories.

    FSB officers, currently stationed in the occupied regions of Ukraine, received an order from their leadership to begin preparations for returning to the territory of the Russian Federation, reported the Ukrainian National Resistance Center on its website.

    According to the ministry, not only FSB officers, but also members of their families, as well as the heads of the so-called …