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  • Russian intelligence gets hold of confidential OSCE Special Monitoring Mission information

    Internal documents belonging to OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) observers have found their way into the hands of Russia’s FSB, according to an investigation by the ARD Fakt program.The documents in question are reports on events in the occupied Donbas territories, as well as communication data pertaining to the SMM Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug.

    There is also a mini-file on mission members describing their character traits, alcohol consumption habits, financial standings, preferred …

  • Serbia sentences several mercenaries who fought in Donbas

    Serbia sentenced several of its citizens who were fighting for Russia in the Donbas, said Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

    "We have discussed with Serbian friends the issue of Serbian mercenaries who were fighting in the Donbas for the separatists and openly and fundamentally for Russia. We already have several court sentences here, in Serbia, and I thank Serbia for that.” the Minister of Foreign Affairs posted on Facebook.

    Klimkin added that, if it is proven that any of …

  • UNICEF: More than half a million children ‘deeply affected’ by the conflict in Ukraine

    According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the conflict in Ukraine has "considerably affected" the lives of 580,000 children living in the combat zone.

    In a press release, the Fund says that more than one third of these children are in need of psychiatric and social support.

    The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues despite numerous ceasefire agreements, and more than 9,000 people have died as a result of hostilities since the conflict started in …