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  • US State Department tells companies that there are many risks in doing business with Russia

    The US State Department confirmed that it is working with representatives of the business community in order to convince companies to not do business with Russia in the usual way, RIA Novosti reported. “We continue to clearly state in communications with US companies that we believe that a return to the usual means of conducting business with Russia causes both economic and reputation risks,” the agency quoted the unnamed representative of the US State Department as saying.

    According to the …

  • Relatives of victims of MH17 file lawsuit against Igor Strelkov

    In the State of Illinois, relatives of victims who were killed in the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014 filed a class action lawsuit against Russian citizen, Igor Strelkov (also known as Igor Girkin). Golos Ameriki reported that Strelkov is accused of involvement in the downing of the passenger aircraft.

    It was also noted that Strelkov is being charged under three Articles of US law: murder, destruction of a passenger aircraft and aiding and abetting the commission of a …

  • According to Gallup poll, 15% of Americans think Russia is the US's 'main enemy'

    According to a Gallup poll, North Korea has topped the list of countries that US citizens have called their main enemy, accounting for 16% of the votes cast by American participants.  Russia took second place on this list.  

    The reason for North Korea taking the top spot is the Pyongyang's statements about the testing of a hydrogen bomb, and the launch of a ballistic rocket with a satellite.

    According to the results, 15% of the respondents thought that Russia was the country’s main enemy.  …

  • Russia to ask permission to conduct observation flights over US

    Russia intends to request US permission to conduct observation flights over the United States.  They hope to do this with the use of aircraft which will be equipped with powerful digital cameras.  American intelligence and military sources have warned that such flights will help Moscow gather intelligence about the United States.

    Russia and the US have both signed the Treaty on Open Skies, which allows making observation flights with aircraft with no weapons over the territories of all 34 …

  • US State Department: Shokin's resignation shows that Ukraine is ready to implement reforms

    The United States considers the resignation of Viktor Shokin, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, as a signal demonstrating Ukraine’s readiness to implement reforms, as stated in Washington on Tuesday, February 16th by an official State Department spokesman, reports Ukrinform.

    "We consider such action as a signal of Ukraine’s serious intentions to implement reforms,” said Toner, commenting on Shokin’s resignation.

    According to him, it is essential to restore trust in the justice system in the …

  • Poland asks US for Help with Investigation into Plane Crash that Killed President Kaczynski in 2010

    Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said that on Monday, during his visit to the U.S., he will ask for Washington's help with the investigation into the Smolensk disaster that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in 2010.

    "We'll ask whether the U.S. has any data that could be useful in the investigation of the crash... Perhaps their satellites recorded something at the moment of the disaster, or whether U.S. intelligence has received information which could be important," as quoted …

  • US proposes spending nearly $1 Billion to support democracy in former Soviet states in 2017

    According to President Obama's budget plan for 2017, $953 million will be allocated to the US State Department to support democratic societies and develop anti-corruption programs in Russia’s neighboring countries.

    As reported by the media citing officials, the money is allocated under the article “to deter Russian aggression using public diplomacy and aid programs, and to establish sustainable government in Europe”.

    “It refers to anti-corruption programs, establishing energy security …

  • Kremlin Finds US's Words On Corruption In Russia 'Insulting'

    Statements of the representatives of US authorities on the corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been found “insulting” by the Kremlin. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that such remarks constitute interference with the presidential campaign to be held in 2018.

    Moscow accused Washington of interfering in an electoral campaign that has not yet even begun. Peskov said on Friday, January 29th that "insulting and indignant statements" made by the official representative of the …

  • Kadyrov: The US has started a war against Russia

    The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that the words of US authorities regarding the alleged corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the beginning of a war against Russia.

    The statement made by US officials about this alleged corruption suggests that they are against Russia and have “launched a real war”. This was posted by Kadyrov on his Instagram page.

    Kadyrov referred to the steps taken by the White House as “unfriendly”.  “The scenario seems to be out of a Hollywood …

  • White House Backs Treasury's Assessment That Putin Is 'Corrupt'

    Adam J. Szubin, Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, made statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s corruption—statements that accurately reflected Washington’s position. Reuters cited White House Official Spokesman Josh Earnest as stating that during an official White House briefing on Thursday, January 28th.

    "The US Treasury official’s assessment reflects the opinion of the administration best of all," said Earnest. At the same time he found it difficult …