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  • Israeli Prime Minister calls for the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the need to eliminate all chemical agents in Syria and supported the U.S. missile strike at the Shayrat airbase. He urged the international community to do the same, reported dpa on Sunday, April 9.

    Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu urged the international community to eliminate all chemical poisoning substances in Syria, reported dpa news on Sunday, April 9.

    He reminded listeners that an international obligation established in 2013 …

  • Media: Russian military personnel were at Syrian airbase at the time of US missile strikes

    Russian servicemen were at the Shayrat airbase when American missiles hit it, as reported by Russian RBC news agency citing an unnamed officer from the Syrian Army.

    “There is not information about the casualties or wounded among the Russians, “ the officer  said.

    According to him, Russian military are still present at the air base.

    The Syrian officer also indicated that the Syrian military command received the information about the forthcoming missile strikes of the US and managed to remove …