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  • The Kremlin: US weapons will hinder the peace process in the Donbas

    The possible supply of US weapons to Ukraine would only postpone the settlement of the conflict in the Donbas, stated Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for Russian President Putin while commenting on the statement of the US State Department's Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, Kurt Volker.

    "We have repeatedly said that any actions provoking tension on the line of demarcation and provoking the situation, which is already difficult, will only distance us from settling this intra- …

  • US could allocate $500 million to Ukraine for defense

    A bill on the U.S. National Defense Budget for the 2018 financial year provides for the allocation of $500 million to help Ukraine in the security field, including the provision of lethal and other weapons, training, and technical assistance, as reported by Senator Rob Portman, according to Voice of America.

    Half of the money, or $250 million, is allocated to programs related to the implementation of key defense sector reforms necessary to develop and consolidate existing achievements.

    Among …

  • U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine says details of meeting between Poroshenko and Trump are under discussion

    The question of organizing a meeting between the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and U.S. President Donald Trump are still under discussion.

    This was reported by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and broadcast by Interfax-Ukraine.

    "The discussion on the date and everything else is under way," she said.

    Yovanovitch noted that the question of such a meeting is important for both Ukraine and the United States, and that each side is interested in holding a meeting at the highest …

  • Poltorak urges Trump to continue supporting Ukraine

    The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak, urged the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to continue providing political and military assistance to Ukraine and to maintain sanctions against Russia to deter further escalation of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. Poltorak stated this in his interview with Radio Svoboda on the day after Trump’s inauguration.

    “It is extremely important for Ukraine to have the political support of the United States and maintain sanctions imposed …

  • McFaul: Russia needs to be 'curbed'

    The former United States Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, stated that Russia should be ‘curbed.’ According to him, Moscow’s aggressive actions require the appropriate response, as reported by RBC.

    McFaul stated his views in his interview with Estonian newspaper Postimees. According to him, Russia’s actions require a strong and specific response. “The United States should curb Russia according to need and respond to it,” the former Ambassador said.

    McFaul was impressed by the more recent …

  • US Armed Services Committee supports proposal to supply Ukraine with weapons

    American Senators proposed to allocate $500 million for assistance to Ukraine, including allocation of funds on lethal weapons.

    According to the information released on the website of the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain, the U.S. Senate proposes to provide $500 million for assistance to Ukraine, including allocation of funds for lethal weapons in the draft budget for 2017. On the 13th of May, Senators announced the completion of work on the draft budget of the U.S. …

  • New bill introduced in US Congress to assist Ukraine

    Co-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, Elliot Engel, has introduced bill H.R. 5094, “To contain, reverse, and deter Russian aggression in Ukraine, to assist Ukraine's democratic transition, and for other purposes”.

    The bill is meant to preserve the sanctions against Russia until Moscow fully implements the Minsk Agreements and returns the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine. The bill would also prohibit the recognition of the Russian annexation of the Crimea …

  • David Petraeus and John Herbst call on US Government to Supply more Military Assistance to Ukraine

    The former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus, and former high-ranking American diplomat, John Herbst, called on the US government to increase military assistance to Ukraine, explaining that the relative calm in eastern Ukraine is only a tactical trick of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

    "Despite the reduced level of open Russian aggression, it seems that this is a temporary tactic to have the sanctions lifted despite the expansion of Russian military …

  • US to provide Ukraine with more equipment and technology for border surveillance

    The US will provide Ukraine with a modern system for the monitoring of their borders.  Representatives of the US Congress and the manufacturing company have said that the first samples are just awaiting customs clearance in Ukraine.  The Ukroboronprom state company, who is a partner in this project, has said that they are willing to establish a joint production with the US of similar equipment in Ukraine.  Supporters of military assistance to Ukraine in Congress have not excluded cooperation …

  • John Boehner - The White House is abandoning Ukraine

    The administration of the republican speaker John Boehner accused President Obama’s administration for not taking any steps towards providing Ukraine with lethal weapons.

    On Wednesday Boehner's administration sent out an email with the subject "The White house is abandoning Ukraine" says quoting the Voice of America.

    The letter says that “while Russia continues to escalate its attacks on Ukraine, USA has a moral obligation to support Ukraine. Ukraine is in desperate need of …