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  • NATO warships escorted Russian frigate in British territorial waters

    British warships, while on a NATO mission, escorted a Russian frigate which was en route from the Black Sea to the Baltic and was crossing British territorial waters.

    This was reported by the British newspaper "The Telegraph"

    Over the weekend the frigate Admiral Grigorovich was tracked by British HMS Iron Duke and was further followed by HMS Sutherland as far as the Channel.

    The Dutch ship HNLMS Rotterdam and the Belgian BNS Castor also joined the British vessel.

    “The Admiral Grigorovich …

  • British fighter jets begin carrying out patrols over Baltic airspace

    The web-site of the British Government reported that four fighter jets of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom joined the NATO air policing mission in the Baltics and will lead it until the end of August. The aircraft, which will be based in Estonia during the mission, will be ready to take off round-the-clock in order to ensure security of airspace over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    “This deployment emphasizes our commitment to the respect of sovereignty of democratic States of Eastern …

  • UK Foreign Secretary: It is vitally important that Ukraine eradicate corruption

    UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that one of the key tasks for the Ukrainian government is the total eradication of corruption.

    "It is vitally important that Ukraine’s new government build on the progress made by its predecessor and continues to implement reforms and root out corruption," Hammond stated on Friday.

    The British Foreign Secretary also welcomed the appointment of the new Ukrainian Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groysman.

    "I hope that the new government urgently focuses on …

  • UK Foreign Secretary: Georgia is a successful model in the region

    On the 30th of March, 2016, the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond arrived on an official visit to Georgia. According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, at the beginning of the visit, the Head of the British Foreign Office honored the memory of those who died for the territorial integrity of the country. Then he held meetings with the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament and the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, as reported by Ekho Kavkaza.

    "We attach special importance …

  • British Foreign Secretary says Russia is a global threat

    Philip Hammond said that Russia ignores the norms of international behavior and violates the rules of the international system.

    “Russia is a global threat, because its politics are contrary to international legal norms,” as said by the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, at a press conference in Tbilisi, during his visit to Georgia, Deutsche Welle reported.

    "Russia ignores the norms of international behavior and violates the rules of the international system. It is a challenge and a …

  • UK and Ukraine sign 15-year defense partnership agreement

    As reported on Facebook, by the British Embassy press service in Kiev, the UK and Ukraine are to sign a 15-year defense partnership agreement.

    “The agreement will be in place for 15 years. Areas that are covered by the agreement are supposed to exchange information about potential threats, participate in joint exercises, train members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to cooperate in the sphere of military equipment,” the Embassy reported.

    It was also stated that the UK is trying to increase …

  • Prestigious London Concert Hall Closed To Russian Artists

    The Royal Albert Hall, the most prestigious concert hall in London, is now closed to Russian artists. Andrey Sidelnikov, a political emigre from Russia and the coordinator of the “Speak Louder!” Movement shared this sentiment in an interview with Krym.Realii.

    "In the aftermath of the Valeria concert, the best and most important concert hall in London is now closed to Russian artists—all of them.[The owners] no longer want to deal with Russian artists. Reputation in the UK is very expensive," …