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  • Russian warplanes provoke NATO during exercises near Norway

    Without warning, Russian Tu-142 anti-ship airplanes flew at low altitude over ships transporting NATO marines near the coast of Norway. The incident, which took place on November 2, was reported the following day, Deutsche Welle writes.

    “The marines were on board the Mount Whitney, the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet,” the report states.

    Moscow recently expressed its dissatisfaction at the holding of NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise, the alliance’s largest since the end of the Cold War. …

  • Russian Tu-142 flies over NATO ships in the Norwegian Sea

    A Russian Tu-142 reconnaissance and antisubmarine aircraft flew over the command ship USS Mount Whitney at an unusually low altitude. The photos of this moment were published on Saturday, November 3, by AFP correspondent Pierre-Henry Deshayes on Twitter. "And suddenly a Tupolev above the NATO flagship. Russia invites itself into the great maneuvers," the journalist wrote.

    Et soudain, un Tupolev au-dessus du navire-amiral de l'#Otan: la Russie s'invite dans les grandes manoeuvres # …

  • Japan scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian warplanes

    Fighter jets from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces intercepted and escorted Russian aircraft, reported the website of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Four JSDF jets scrambled to intercept two Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare planes and two Su-24 all-weather attack planes.

    According to the Joint Staff of the JSDF’s air force, the Tu-142 planes flew towards Hokkaido Island and continued along its west coast to the south making a circle and flying round the archipelago. Also, a Su-24 bomber flew …