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  • Putin signs law on visitor's tax for the Crimea

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that would impose a fee for the use of resort infrastructure in three regions of Russia and the annexed Crimea.

    The corresponding document is published on the Russian Federation's portal for legal information.

    It says that an "experiment on the development of resort infrastructure" will be carried out in these regions through December 31, 2022.

    Payers of the fee will be physical persons who have reached the age of majority and who are living …

  • Russia intends to consider the possibility of cryptocurrency payments in the Crimea to secure the anonymity of foreign tourists

    The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has expressed its readiness to consider the issue of making payments using cryptocurrency in the Republic of Crimea with an aim to attract foreign tourists, as announced on Saturday by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev on Russia-24 news. He clarified that there were no serious discussions on this question yet.

    "To stimulate foreign tourism in the Crimea, and to ensure that people who go there are not persecuted in their homeland for having …

  • Crimean authorities accused Ukraine of starting a tourist blockade of the peninsula

    Kyiv authorities are trying to prevent Ukrainian tourists from visiting Crimean resorts, as stated by the head of the Regional Interethnic Committee of the Crimea, Zaur Smirnov.

    "Kyiv has made an attempt to organize a new blockade of the peninsula, this time a tourist one. Our sources among the employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine reported that they had received the order from Kyiv authorities to create artificial obstacles," Smirnov told RIA Novosti. In his opinion, such measures …

  • Media: The Crimea experienced a 40% drop in tourism this season

    Recreation in the Crimea is experiencing a new shock. The flow of tourists to the annexed peninsula at the beginning of the tourist season fell by almost 40%, according to Deutsche Welle.

    "Among the reasons for the decrease in Russian interest in the peninsula are high prices for air tickets and cold weather," DW notes.

    The data provided by tour operators is confirmed by the owners of large and small hotels located on the southern coast of the Crimea.

    "In May, there was a drop in the flow of …

  • Russian tourism in Turkey fell by 90% since last year

    Only 41,000 Russian tourists visited Turkey in May 2016. This is 91.82% less than in the last month of spring 2015, as indicated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

    Usually, the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey increases dramatically in May. For example, in 2015 the country was visited by over 501,000 Russians, in 2014 – by almost 695,000. However, the bans on selling trips and the cancellation of charter flights has led to an almost complete block of tourist flow. In May 2016, …

  • Russians continue to buy real estate in Turkey

    Citizens of Russia continue to buy real estate in Turkey, despite the recent crisis in relations between the two countries following the incident in which a Russian plane that was shot down for violating Turkish airspace. Last year, real estate sales to Russians totaled $398 million  worth of property.

    Fatih Elibol, senior manager at the international real estate investment consultancy Realty-TR, noted in an interview with an AA reporter that Russians continue to buy property in Turkey despite …