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  • Suspected Russian spy detained in Sweden

    Deutsche Welle reports that the Swedish State Security Service (SEPO) detained a man suspected of spying for Russia in Stockholm. 

    SEPO suspects that the detainee has been involved in espionage activities since at least 2017. He could have been recruited by a Russian intelligence agent working under diplomatic cover. 

    The detainee worked in the field of advanced technologies, in particular, with information that is of interest to foreign intelligence services, notes SEPO. 

    In December 2018, …

  • Swedish Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador after fighter jet incident over Baltic Sea

    The Swedish Foreign Ministry summoned Russian ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev due to an incident over the Baltic Sea, during which the Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted a Swedish reconnaissance aircraft, approaching it at a distance of about 20 meters, reports Interfax. 

    “The Foreign Ministry considers this incident to be very serious. The Russian aircraft acted unprofessionally and improperly, putting flight’s safety at risk,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Diana Qudhaib, told Swedish television. …

  • Sweden: Russian fighter jet conducted ‘unacceptable’ maneuvers near Swedish aircraft

    The Swedish Armed Forces reported that a Russian Su-27 fighter flew approximately 20 meters away from a Swedish plane. According to statement, the incident occurred at the beginning of the week. A specific day is not specified.

    “During the flight over the Baltic Sea in the international airspace at the beginning of the week, the Russian military Su-27 was following a Swedish reconnaissance aircraft,” the statement reads. “The Russian plane flew less than 20 meters away.” The situation has been …

  • Swedish Swedbank suspected of laundering billions of euros including from Russia

    Swedish Swedbank is suspected of systematic money laundering, which lasted for about a decade, and was associated with the Baltic branches of Danske Bank, reports Delfi news portal with reference to the Swedish broadcasting corporation (SVT).

    According to the "Uppdrag Granskning" program, the cash flow between Swedbank and the Baltic branches of Danske Bank was at least 40 billion Swedish krona (5.8 billion euros). Among them, there are transfers from companies that became known due to large …

  • Norway: Russia is jamming GPS signals and putting passenger flights at risk

    Russia has blocked signals of the GPS navigation system near the Norwegian border, Norway's intelligence service stated.

    Morten Haga Lunde, the head of the intelligence service, said that the actions of the Russian Federation are “not only a new challenge for Norwegian and Allied training operations, but also a threat to civilian air traffic, the police and health operations”.

    In October and November 2018, NATO held large-scale military exercises, NATO Trident Juncture exercises, which …

  • Swedish experts: Moscow is preparing for full-scale war

    The Swedish National Defense Research Institute (FOI) stated that the Russian army is being prepared for participation in large-scale military requirements. They came to this opinion analyzing the military exercises conducted in Russia from 2009-2017.

    The experts note that the Russian Federation armed forces, which had previously been involved only in local conflicts began to prepare for continuous regional wars starting back in 2009.

    According to FOI, Russia considers NATO or the Chinese …

  • Swedish Air Force: Russian warplanes violated Sweden's airspace

    A surveillance aircraft and two destroyers of the Russian Air Force violated Swedish airspace over the Baltic coast entering it for a short period, the Swedish Air Force reported.

    In the report published on January 24th, Swedish Air Force stated that the incident occurred on January 19th. An Il-20 surveillance aircraft and two Su-27 fighters flew near the city of Karlshamn, in south Sweden. The Russian aircraft entered Swedish airspace without permission, which the Swedish military reported to …

  • Russia expels Swedish attache after Stockholm refused to extend visas of two Russian diplomats

    Russia expelled the press attache at the Swedish embassy after Stockholm refused to issue visas to two Russian diplomats, reported Expressen, as well as the Russian media.

    The Swedish Foreign Ministry confirmed the information about the expulsion of the Swedish employee in the embassy in Moscow. The Swedish Ministry regrets the decision of Russia.

    The Department of Information and Press of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to comment on the matter.

    The position of press attache …

  • Sweden urges Ukraine to accelerate reforms

    Foreign Minister of Sweden Margot Wallström used her microblog in Twitter to urge Ukraine to speed up the reform process. “Five years ago, today, the Maidan protests started in Kyiv. Further accelerated reforms would be the best way to honor those who died in pursuit of a better Ukraine. Sweden will continue to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity and actively support further reforms,” wrote Wallström.

    The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are looking forward to the Verkhovna …

  • Ukraine may receive $8 billion after IMF program is unblocked

    A new program from the IMF will facilitate Ukraine’s access to funding worth $8 billion, which will help maintain a fairly stable hryvnia exchange rate next year, stated by Anders Aslund, an analyst at an American center, the Atlantic Council in an interview with the Ukrainian service of the Voice of America.

    “Most likely, Ukraine will now receive $2 billion from the IMF, as well as $ 2 billion from the EU and the World Bank. The Ukrainian government can sell Eurobonds for additional $2 …