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  • Russia deploys new Su-57 fighters to Syria

    Two fifth-generation Su-57 fighter planes landed at the Russian Khmeimim Airbase in Syria.

    This was reported by Syrian blogger Wael Al Hussaini.

    According to him, he received a video from “friends” from the “Syrian pro-government news resource Syrian Military Capabilities.” Al Hussaini noted that this is “unofficial media.” He lives in Beirut and last visited the Khmeimim region in 2016.He said that journalists and activists, including military and civilians who are supporters of the Syrian …

  • Russia tests its newest Su-57 fighter with weapons on board

    Testing has begun on the fifth generation of the Russian Su-57 fighter with weapons on board, as announced by Boris Obnosov, the general director of the Tactical Missile Corporation, reported the Russian Air Force service.

    Eleven prototypes of the fifth-generation fighter have been built to date, but the state testing program has not yet been completed, and neither the date of delivery to the Russian Air Force nor the number aircraft to be delivered are known.

    According to Obnosov, this is an …

  • India considering canceling the fighter jet program with Russia

    The Indian Air Force command demanded the cancellation of the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project where it planned to build a fifth-generation fighter for the Indian army based on the Russian Su-57 aircraft. This was reported by the portal with reference to the report of the Indian Air Force command.

    The decision was allegedly made because the program did not meet India’s requirements because it does not allow for the creation of an aircraft that could demonstrate …