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  • Ukrainian kamikaze drone Silent Thunder successfully passes flight tests

    Ukraine conducted the next stage of testing of the loitering munition "Silent Thunder" during which different modes were used to test the UAV control systems and target detection algorithms, reported Defense Express

    It is noted that for the preservation of the experimental sample, the explosive unit was replaced by a parachute.

    According to a representative of Athlone Avia, the manufacturer of the UAV, the new drone is a search and destroy system consisting of a multicopter with a transponder …

  • Ukraine unveils ‘Silent Thunder’ loitering munition

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine could soon acquire loitering munitions. The Defense Express Channel reported that the new Ukrainian development has been named “Silent Thunder” ST-35.

    The Ukrainian company Athlone Avia has unveiled a new model of single-use drone titled Silent Thunder ST-35. According to the producers, the drone is in its final stage of development, and the first stage of testing has been completed successfully. The guidance systems will be tested before the end of the year, and …