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  • Media: Russia to replace commander in Syria

    The Russian Armed Forces in Syria may once again be led by Sergey Surovikin, who is currently the commander-in-chief of Russia’s Aerospace Forces, as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to a source close to the Defense Ministry.

    According to the source, “this possibility is being discussed”. However, the source clarified that if Surovikin goes to Syria, he will remain the commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, and he will fulfill the role of substitute only temporarily.

    Surovikin …

  • Former Russian MP: 334 Russians were killed in the US airstrike in Syria

    334 Russians were killed in the airstrike of the US-led coalition on February 7.  217 people were from the fifth assault squad, 10 people from the second assault squad, 94 from Vesna (Spring) assault squad and 13 people from the artillery battalion, said former State Duma Deputy Viktor Alksnis during a broadcast of the Russian TV Channel Dozhd (Rain), stressing that it was an unofficial statistics.

    "This data is collected from a survey of family members of those who fought in Syria and who …

  • Russia appoints new commander of Syrian group

    Following Sergey Surovikin’s appointment as commander-in-chief of the aerospace forces, the position of commander of the Eastern Military District (EMD) has been given to Deputy Chief of General Staff Alexander Zhuravlev. Like Surovikin, Zhuravlev will command both the EMD and the Russian group in Syria.

    The relevant order was signed by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu on October 31 2017. By the same order, in compliance with the president’s decree, Surovikin was appointed commander-in- …

  • Putin awards officers of Russian Special Forces for ‘outstanding service in Syria’

    Officers from the Russian Special Forces were given awards for their participation in operations in Syria. The commander of the group was given “The hero of Russia” award, Russia-24 news channel reported.

    The channel showed four people standing with their backs to the camera. One of them, the commander, told the reporters that the group of 16 Russian Special Forces commandos had entered a battle with “300 terrorist fighters”.

    "Without any losses, we had the upper hand thanks to our position …

  • The latest from the Middle East

    ISIS Leader killed

    ISIS has confirmed the death of one of its prominent leaders. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in Iraq when his convoy was hit by an air strike.

    United States disclosed this information as early as August 21 but the official confirmation from ISIS appeared only now. 

    Russian air strikes

    During the last day Russian planes conducted as many as 90 air mission over Syria.  Russia says that the main targets of these missions were the fortified positions of ISIS over Latakia, …

  • Leaflets advocating joining Russian military in Syria spotted in Donetsk.

    In some areas of Donetsk, which is currently controlled by Pro-Russian separatist, leaflets have begun to appear promoting the advantages of joining the Russian military in Syria.

    The leaflets compare the benefits of serving in Syria as opposed to Eastern Ukraine

    The anonymous leaflets emphasize that the soldiers fighting in Syria get a higher pay and can also receive an official status having participated in Military operations.  This status in Russia provides extra social assistance and …