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  • Russia to disguise its spacecraft from spy satellites

    Russian spacecraft designers have reportedly created a new satellite capable of disguising if foreign spy satellite is approaching. This invention has already been patented and may be used in the further development of military and dual-purpose spacecraft, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

    According to RIA Novosti, Russian inventors were able to create a solar panel that can transform itself, taking the form of a hemisphere. At the …

  • Russia to Cut Funds For International Space Station

    Russian media reports that the state authorities are planning to reduce the cost of maintenance of the International Space Station in the next decade.

    According to the newspaper Izvestia in the latest draft budget for the 2016-2025 years, the cost of servicing the ISS will be around 3.3 billion dollars (252.1 billion rubles), which is 10 percent less than was suggested in the draft budget drawn up in April last year.

    The Russian Space Agency is one of five departments that control the station …