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  • Russian politician claims to have obtained a list of Russians who will be included on new US sanctions list

    Russian politician Oleg Mitvol claims that he has a list of high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen close to the top leadership of Russia who may be subject to US sanctions, reported Dozhd TV.

    Mitvol claims that the list was provided by his source in diplomatic circles. He added that he is worried about the situation since he is a client of Sberbank, which was included in the list. Now, the bank could lose access to card services or the ability to borrow or transfer money, Mitvol’s …

  • Putin exempts Russians who fell under sanctions from paying taxes

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law exempting Russians who fell under sanctions from reporting income and paying taxes in Russia in certain cases. The law is retroactive, and is effective as of January 1, 2014.

    Earlier, an amendment to the Tax Code, prepared by a United Russia Deputy, Andrei Makarov, was adopted in the third reading by the State Duma of Russia. The law allows Russians who have business or property abroad and who have been sanctioned, to not be considered tax …

  • Groshi TV program reveals that Putin’s oligarch friend earns millions in Kyiv and supplies bullets to separatists

    Russian businessmen continue to make millions off of Ukrainians in Kyiv. Afterwards, they invest this money in the war in the Donbas, according to an investigation by Groshi (“Money”) TV program of 1+1 TV Channel. Russian oligarch Igor Rotenberg purchased 46% of the shares of Tula Arms Plant, one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the Russian Federation. Separatists of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics use Tula Arms munitions to wage war in Donbas.

    Rotenberg profits from one of …