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  • DPR commander Mamai killed during filming for Russian TV

    The commander of the Pyatnashka battalion, Oleg Mamiyev, was killed by a Ukrainian volunteer with the call sign “Kipish” while being filmed for the Rossiya TV station, journalist Yuriy Butusov reported on his Facebook page.

    “Mamiyev personally took the film crew to forward positions in the region of Krutaya Balka near Avdiivka. Mamiyev wanted to show off. He drove the car himself, didn’t wear a helmet, and then it turned out that he wore a bullet proof vest without armor plates, in order to …

  • DPR ‘thanks’ Right Sector leader for information on killers of commander Mamai

    Journalist Zakhar Prilepin says that he does not doubt the reliability of the information provided by Dmytro Yarosh, former head of the Right Sector, concerning the death of Oleg Mamiyev, commander of the Pyatnashka battalion, RBC news agency reports.

    “What Yarosh wrote is really true. Yarosh is a serious person. They do not hesitate and are not worried about their safety, but of course, we are not worried either,” Prilepin said.

    Earlier the leader of the Right Sector posted on Facebook the …

  • DPR military commander Mamai killed in Donbas

    Oleg Mamiev aka Mamai, Commander of the Donetsk People's Republic and head of Pyatnashka battalion, was killed during an exchange of fire in Donbas, RIA Novosti reports.

    Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, who fights on the side of the separatists, said in a Facebook post that Mamai was killed by a grenade explosion from the automatic grenade launcher.

    Mamiev came to the Donbass from Ossetia in 2014. He fought in the Vostok battalion, later he became a commander of the battalion Pyatnashka. …