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  • Washington: Turkey and Russia’s S-400 missile systems deal is a national security concern

    Turkey’s agreement to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems is a national security problem for NATO countries. The Alliance cannot use F-35 fighters in combination with these Russian missile systems, a high-level representative of the US leadership stated on Thursday, March 14.

    The official that talked anonymously with a group of journalists specified that Ankara's purchase of the S-400 cannot be equated to Turkey's withdrawal from NATO. However, he noted that the deal between Ankara and …

  • Romania to purchase seven Patriot air defense missile systems

    The Romanian government approved a bill on the purchase of seven Patriot anti-missile systems, as announced by the Minister of National Defense of Romania, Mihai Fifor.

    The Minister of National Defense noted that the Romanian Armed Forces are in urgent need of new weapons.

    "The bill approved by the government on the purchase of Patriot anti-missile systems will soon be submitted to the parliament for approval, and if all parliamentary procedures are successful, we hope that anti-aircraft …

  • American Patriot anti-missile systems stationed in Poland will also protect Lithuanian skies

    Patriot anti-missile defense complexes that Poland plans to buy in the US will also protect Lithuanian airspace, as stated by the head of the Defense Committee of the Polish Sejm , Michael Jach, reports Delfi news agency. During the official visit to Lithuania, Jach stated that Lithuania faces the same threats as Poland.

    "The Patriot system should be the way; it could be integrated with neighboring countries," he added.

    There are currently no long-range missile defense systems in Poland and …

  • US deploys Patriot missile system in Lithuania for military drills

    A Patriot surface-to-air missile system has been deployed in Lithuania in order to participate in NATO’s anti-air defense divisions’ Tobruq Legacy 2017 international exercises, Lithuania’s Ministry of Defense reported.

    “The deployment of a Patriot demonstrates the firmness of the United States’ commitment to ensuring Lithuania’s security, and the high level of readiness to promptly relocate strategic forces to the region,” the department observed.

    During the Tobruq Legacy exercises which will …