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  • Poland wins EU court appeal to limit Gazprom’s use of OPAL gas pipeline

    Russian gas giant Gazprom has received a new blow in the European gas market, which left the Russian company without a third of the capacity of its key pipeline to the EU.

    The European Court of Justice rejected Germany's appeal and supported Poland's position to limit Gazprom’s allowed capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline, which connects Nord Stream 1 with the gas transmission system of Central and Western Europe by 50%.

    "In accordance with the EU treaties, EU energy policy is designed - in the …

  • EU Court restricts Gazprom's rights on OPAL pipeline

    The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favor of Poland in its dispute with Russian gas company Gazprom over the Opal pipeline, reports the Polish Energy Ministry on Twitter.

    "The court overturned the decision of European Commission, that was giving the Russian concern the right to use the 100% of pipeline," reads the message of the the Polish Energy Ministry. The press service of the court stated that the previous order violated the principle of energy solidarity.

    Polish Minister …

  • European Court of Justice rejects Naftogaz’s claim against the European Commission regarding Gazprom’s access to OPAL pipeline

    The European Court of Justice dismissed the claim of the Ukrainian state-owned company Naftogaz against the European Commission (EC). Naftogaz filed a lawsuit against the EC in March of last year in response to the EC’s decision to allow the Russia’s Gazprom additional transit volumes through the OPAL and Nord Stream pipelines. However, on March 9, the Court rejected Naftogaz’s claim against the EC.

    The EC made their decision to grant Gazprom additional access to the OPAL pipeline on October 28 …

  • Gazprom claims that increase in Nord Stream’s transit did not reduce gas transit through Ukraine

    Gazprom is experiencing good dynamics in its gas exports to Europe through Nord Stream  and OPAL pipelines; at the same time, transit through Ukraine has even increased, TASS reported quoting  Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, Alexey Miller.

    "Between August 1 and August 8, production through the OPAL gas pipeline by Gazprom increased by 30%. Today, the pipeline has reached full capacity. The volume of daily gas supply to Greifswald reached 140 million cubic meters on August 8. That is, the use …

  • Poland blocks monopolization of OPAL by Russia

    The Polish oil and gas company PGNiG has blocked the monopolization of the OPAL gas pipeline for a year. PGNiG Chairman Piotr Wozniak made the announcement, reports Ukrinform.

    "We have managed to block auctions on the use of the OPAL gas pipeline until March-April of next year. For 15 years it will not be possible to conduct auctions for the pipeline capacities in volumes larger than before. We managed to block this initiative of the Russians,” said Wozniak.

    He stressed that the PGNiG …

  • Naftogaz of Ukraine wants to join Poland's lawsuit against Gazprom’s access to OPAL

    NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine requested that the European Court of Justice allow them to join the case on appeal by Poland's PGNIG Supply & Trading against the decision of the European Commission to expand Gazprom’s access to the OPAL gas pipeline, according to the Naftogaz website which reads: “According to the statute of the European Court of Justice, a legal entity can enter the case if it is able to prove an interest in the outcome of this case.”

    In its request, Naftogaz specified the potential …

  • German regulator reduced Gazprom's access to the OPAL system

    The German energy regulator, Bundesnetzagentur, has reduced the limit of use of the OPAL gas pipeline for Russian Gazprom to the same level that was installed before, to 50%. As stated in the press-service of the company on Facebook, "The German regulator reduced the limit for Gazprom to use the OPAL pipeline to its former 50% but the actual amount of this reduction has not yet affected the actual volumes."

    In late October, the European Commission allowed Gazprom to increase its pumping gas …