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  • Russia offers weapons to Myanmar's military junta

    The military junta that seized power in Myanmar in a coup and a bloody crackdown on protests can count on weapons from Russia.

    Moscow is ready to develop military and technical cooperation with Myanmar, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin at a meeting with Chief of the General Staff of the Myanmar Armed Forces, Maung Aye.

    "We intend to continue to strengthen and develop relations between our states, including in the military and technical spheres," he said. “The Republic of …

  • Russia justifies arms supplies to Myanmar

    Supplies of Russian military products to Myanmar are being made to strengthen the defense capacity of this country, as stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry’s comments in response to a statement by the US State Department’s representative that the supply of Russian weapons could aggravate the situation in Myanmar.

    "Supplies of Russian military products to Myanmar are meant to strengthen the defense capacity of this country. To see the link between this task and the threat of "even greater …

  • Head of Chechnya Kadyrov says he is ready to oppose Russia because of Myanmar

    During an Instagram video broadcast, which was later uploaded to YouTube , the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said he is ready to oppose Russia if the country’s authorities support the current government of Myanmar, which oppresses Muslims.

    “Even if Russia supports those Shaitans who commit crimes, I am against Russia’s position. I have my own vision, my position,” he stressed.

    Kadyrov said that it has been suggested to him many times to send troops to Myanmar, but he cannot …