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  • Ukrainian President suggests including U.S,Canada and UK in Donbas talks

    In an interview with the Financial Times, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the Minsk agreements to be changed and the Normandy Four negotiations expanded.

    "I am involved in a process that was developed before I even became president," said Zelensky. In his opinion, the Minsk agreements are not flexible enough and do not meet the demands of the current situation.

    Zelensky said that he saw two ways out of the current deadlock: either to change the format of the Minsk talks, or …

  • Ukrainian ambassador to Belarus: Ukrainian Donbas talks participants go to Minsk at own expense and are humiliated

    The participants representing Ukraine in the Minsk talks have traveled and still travel to Belarus at their own expense, said former Ukrainian deputy prime minister and current Ambassador to Belarus Roman Bezsmertnyi, as reported by Gordon news website.However, the ambassador noted that the Ukrainian diplomats work on a volunteer basis and experience great humiliation because the government does not care about the people who are negotiating on its behalf.

    “You work, but you have no documents …

  • President of Kazakhstan: Trump proposed to move Donbas negotiations out of Minsk

    The President of the USA, Donald Trump, has proposed to move negotiations on the Donbas from Minsk to another place, as stated by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Interfax reports.

    “We were saying that Minsk-1 came to a standstill, reached a deadlock, and we need Minsk-2. He [Donald Trump] said, ‘Let’s do it elsewhere’ [holding negotiations]. I said, ‘Let’s do it’,” Nazarbayev said at a press conference in New York following the meeting of the UN Security Council.

    “Actually, …

  • Advisors to the heads of countries taking part in Normandy talks met in Minsk behind closed doors

    Negotiations among the advisers of the leaders of the Normandy format countries ended in Minsk, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.The Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, Dmitry Mironchik, relayed to BelTA, the meeting was held behind closed doors and lasted about four hours.

    He did not give any other details and the parties have not yet commented on the course and results of the meeting.

    The night before the talks, the Minister of Foreign …

  • Le Figaro: Minsk process is dead

    The results of the Eastern Partnership summit, which took place on November 24 in Brussels, show that the Donbas risks becoming a new frozen conflict within the territory of the former Soviet Union, following the examples of Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, due to inaction of Europeans, writes the French publication Le Figaro.

    Despite the fact that the EU declared its support for Ukraine, neither the conflict in the Donbas nor the Russian annexation of the Crimea was incorporated …

  • Putin’s aide Surkov turns down US request to relocate Donbas talks from Minsk to Belgrade

    On August 21, during a meeting in Minsk with Russian President Vladimir Putin's aide, Vladislav Surkov, US Special Representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker suggested that Moscow consider relocating negotiations on the Donbas from Minsk to Belgrade, Novosti Donbassa (News of Donbass) news website reported, citing its own source.

    Surkov refused, said the website’s source.

    It is noted that the potential relocation of the negotiations to another city would be connected to the increase in cases of …